Huawei TechArena Italy 2022 Winners Showcase

#Huawei’s #TechArena Italy was a blast! Over 165 talents from 20+ Italian universities gathered for a challenge on #IoT and #Cybersecurity. Piece of cake? See what the winning teams have to say at

The task was known at 9 30 A.M [Music] Couldn't solve by myself So we left on purpose in the onera code Some security vulnerabilities the task Was about a bug Bounty if you will that Has always sounded like the most Difficult part of the job They had to search and they had to Deliver the fixed in about four hours Today I had problems with a particular Task [Music] Foreign I started straight with an objective I Started watching all the the possible Ways to to do that maybe with a type of Luck I got a solution I was surprised because this level of Depth into the topic of cyber security Was way more difficult than I had Expected before Today's challenge is all about cyber Security and it's the only thing that's Protect us when we work with technology And their job was compared with what the Team had already fixed the Huawei team Had already fixed identify as many as Possible that would prove to the mentors That they knew what the issue was I received technical help with a Particular challenge that I couldn't Solve by myself because there was a Problem and I couldn't realize what was

Going on they helped me to overcome this This problem Foreign [Music] To adapt search if you want to check Their ego at the door it's about finding The right solution somewhere else Sharing the custom doing that and Learning to integrate and keep things Secure over time Rather than just trying to defend Something that exist I think the other teams were very Challenging we were prepared a lot of Different backgrounds what is really Important is how you present your idea And how you communicate what you need [Music] They were very quick learning what the Challenge was and going to work we Received five or six questions in four Hours from 14 individuals which is very Small they were very independent and That was surprising as well The number one and number two that were Not close to the top four before the Final challenge but they outperformed Number three and number four number one Actually found eight Vulnerabilities in three hours time and Fixed all of them and the second one Found seven I don't remember where they Were before the final challenge but I Can tell you that they came very up very

High very quick [Music] Yeah it's challenging to cooperate Together find a way to move the team Together to the Target to operate more Methodically rather than you know Software artists so developers of today Have to make technology as easy as Possible and as secure as possible with Technology they're making people's life Better every day Of Italy 2022 [Music] [Applause] [Applause]

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