Huawei Tech4City Community Event (Culture)

Culture is the way of life for an entire society, it encompasses arts, beliefs, religion, and even our favourite makan pastime. With greater cultural diversity and growing complexities of globalization, there is a greater need than before for Singapore, a diverse society to preserve and amplify our unique culture with the means of technology.

At our second Tech4City Community Event (Culture), we invited our speakers, Dr Nikhil Joshi, Senior Lecturer, National University of Singapore, Department of Architecture, Mr Marc Yap, art director, DarkMeta, and Mr Lim Hong De, Tech Enabler, Hiverlab to share about the importance of technology in preserving and promoting our uniquely Singapore culture.

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Shopping Tips for Refrigerators

Nowadays, technology is changing almost daily. The features available on refrigerators are also changing rapidly. Although you may think that you need the most expensive and high-end refrigerator, cheap, low-end fridges are just as acceptable.

Appliance Shopping Online Made Easy

If you are currently shopping for new appliances for your kitchen, the internet is an excellent choice. There are many online retailers and review sites to help you in making your choice, whether you’re shopping for a small appliance like a toaster or coffee maker, or new range or refrigerator. Information about the unique items to consider when purchasing online, including the more popular vendors, and how to compare appliances so as to find one that best suits your needs, will be addressed in this article.

Solar Powered Fans – Harness the Power of the Sun

Find the best techniques for using a solar powered fan here. Also given are some of the best ideas for getting them easily. Check out the story and the following special tips for you.

Need a New Boiler? Going Green Could Save You Money

In August 2011 the UK Government announced a new scheme to encourage households in rural areas with grants of up to 1,250 GBP to install renewable heating systems to replace gas boilers. The Renewable Heat Premium Payment scheme has a budget of 15 million GBP and is aimed at the four million rural households not connected to mains gas.

Pros and Cons of a Bread Maker

Bread machines are very useful machines that have been designed to make bread baking easy for you. If you like making your own bread at home, you cannot afford not to have one of these in your kitchen. If you are thinking about buying one of these, it would be a good idea to first of all familiarize your self with the bad and good side of bread machines.

Lloytron Halogen Ovens

Lloytron Halogen ovens have created a stir in the field of cooking. They are less time consuming and more efficient. These ovens have changed the whole way of cooking. This oven includes a halogen bulb and a lid. To operate this type of oven is simple and easy. With the purchase of this brand of oven, users will be able to save money as power consumption is less. With the support of the manual and guidelines the various parameters can be adjusted.

Fixing the Fridge With an Appliance Repair Business

Food is very important to me. I’m Italian and my family hails from the region of Italy known as Umbria, just north of Rome. To the ancient inhabitants of Umbria, the Etruscans, food was sacred.

Disassembling Major Appliances

With so many appliances around the globe being sold, and the quality ever increasing, the chances of things needing repair or disassembling is slim. Despite this, chances are that you’re always going to need to know what to do when problems do occur.

Advantages of Having an Induction Cooktop

An induction cooker is not your average cooker; it does not use flames to heat your pan. From the name, it uses the mode of heating referred to as induction, where heat is transferred from one metal to the other. This method of cooking does not use a lot of energy; so if you are looking for a means of saving money on your energy consumption, buying an induction cooktop is one way of getting there.

Knowing About How to Buy an Ice Cream Maker

Have you ever thought of making ice cream in the convenience of your own home? Lovers of ice cream will love the convenience that comes with making this dessert anywhere and anytime you want. This is also a chance to come up with your own ice cream recipes.

More About French Door Refrigerators

This is a modern double door model that adds style and design to your kitchen. They are very attractive and functional. It is different from the side by side refrigerator because it has two doors at the top section and at the bottom a drawer that is the freezer. Here you can put fresh and frozen items.

The Panasonic Bread Maker

This is a company that makes products from cell phones, industrial solutions, kitchen appliances among others. They design products that are friendly to the environment by reducing pollution that would be emitted by their products. When you go shopping for bread machine you should consider the Panasonic bread maker.

Why Choose a French Door Refrigerator?

The French door refrigerators are usually around twenty percent higher in price when compared to the standard side by side units. However the opposite could be the same especially when the French refrigerator has more features. The spacing in the French door refrigerator is usually expressed as square cubic feet and therefore it ranges from twenty five to twenty nine cubic feet space for storage.

Should You Buy New Appliances When Renovating the Kitchen?

Renovating the kitchen is expensive, and replacing the appliances just adds to the expense. But is it really always necessary to replace the appliances when doing a makeover?

Features of a Dishwasher

Dishwashers are almost finding its place in every household as people nowadays do not find time cleaning a pile of utensils at their home. Dishwashers indeed come with a lot of features to help you save time and money to the maximum. Usually, the more you spend the more features you will be provided with. But sometimes even if you tend to spend more, the features are not up to the mark. So here we will let you know the features that can help you the most.

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