Huawei Tech Arena’s winning formula

#Huawei #TechArena is all about fostering local talent! In UK, students took on this month-long online #challenge to solve lossless geometry/mesh compression scheme design problems. Watch the video for their winning solutions! More here:

Thank you The competition we have this year Tech Arena it's important for the talent Pipeline and it's important for talent Inspiration so we've narrowed down on One very specific problem how to Compress Graphics data novel ways and we Think this is going to have impact for The next decade at least I actually haven't done any projects About compression into compression Before I don't know how well can I do This but I just want to give it a try For us three we actually know each other And then we find Bobby Who also have interest in attending the Competition because we break the PhD Students and stuff so we had to Incorporate the competition into our Lives So this time around what we wanted to do For students was set them a problem that Gates number a reasonable amount of Scope we've allowed them to go with Artificial intelligence Solutions or With standard engineering Solutions we Also chose mod AI solution because it Would be faster It was giving better so basically LPS is Divided when we started the contest we Have nothing about compression and Decompassion but throughout the whole Month we learn different kinds of Algorithms We compare one with another

We also share with our idea with our Teammate One of the things that really made me Happy was after hours of debugging I Finally get that little mistake and I Get the whole program running correctly Finally seeing what you've created it's Fills you with a great sense of Pride And Joy Welcome to this year's final ceremony For the Huawei Tech Arena UK 2022 Student challenge They are all going to be yours But finally we produce a good result so Looking at them it has to be Collaborated by different big Giants or Big companies like Huawei to be able to Address and come up with a good solution To those problems if one's a significant Breakthrough it could shake up the Fundamentals on how we live in track Play and work I use more like a non AI solution more Like a geometric way because I'm doing Math and computer science There's many possible solutions to this Our team went for an AI solution for This and the metaverse this idea of Being present pretty much anywhere in a Virtual universe that's an exciting Place to be I still need like quite a bit of Development to achieve a certain level Of realism in it but I definitely see

That potential I see myself using it I Still prefer to interact with real People Together Next time try new things yeah let's not Use C plus plus things so yeah What no I mean definitely

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