Huawei Smart PV | Green Power Thrives in Snow

In Daqing, Heilongjiang Province, temperatures can drop to as low as -34°C! How does this affect attempts to “go green”? Watch to see how #Huawei’s Smart PV Solutions can withstand ice-cold conditions to generate a more sustainable future for [email protected] #SolarPV #MakeItPossible #ChangingTheGame #HuaweiNow #SmartPV

[Music] Hello everyone today we come to the Northern part of China Province here the temperature is below -20 degrees Celsius today we're gonna Take you to have a look at this kiwi Power Station first of all let's go and Visit Mr Liu engineer from this power Station to let him introduce us what is Special about this power station the Touching PV power station was connected To the Grid in December 2021 It covers an area of 318 hectares when People hear dutchin the first thing that Comes to mind is usually oil fields now Touching is transforming its pillar Industries moving away from heavy relied Zone oil to clean energy development This PV power station has made dashing a Role model of energy transition Here shows our power generation status In 2022 it generated 179 million Kilowatt hour of clean electricity that Can meet the demands of 215 000 household for a year reducing carbon Emissions by 179 000 towns Foreign Extreme weather such as snow storms Affects the operation of Power Station No really in fact we consider the local Environment when designing the panels The angle of these solar panels changes Twice a year according to our data Calculation results once in Spring and

Once in Autumn as you can see now this Is to ensure that they receive enough Sunshine in different seasons and avoids Snow cover in Winter as much as possible Generally snow that falls on panels will Fall straight to the ground which barely Affects their operations Solar panels are really remarkable now Let's take a closer look of this power Solar inverters it's not that big but Actually it serves as the heart and Bring of the entire solar power stations Mr Liu how do our solar inverters work Under such low temperatures can they Work properly How is solar inverters Will not stop working and instead Continue to maintain high quality and Stable operations on the extreme weather Conditions such as freezing temperatures Since our PV power station was connected To the Grid in December 2021 these Inverters have been working properly Without any Force This is how things here look in winter In Spring our whole station will turn Green and be covered with grass now the Solar panel provides shade and reduce Evaporation to boost soil moisture Today we have been half our solar Inverters working in such low Temperatures working with China Fun and Group Huawei is committed to help local Communities to conserve energy reduce Emissions and Achieve low carbon

Development helping to create a more Sustainable future for all [Music]

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