Huawei | Smart PV for Ice-cold Conditions

In China’s northernmost city of Mohe, temperatures can reach as low as -53°C! How do PV products stand up to these ice-cold conditions? Watch to see how extensive product reliability tests ensure that no matter how harsh the environment is, Huawei’s products can help build a greener future! #PV #MakeItPossible #ChangingTheGame #GreenEnergy #Huawei

Foreign The place we've come to today just broke The records of the lowest temperature Recorded in China reaching -53 degrees Celsius This is mocha the northmost city in China here power solar inverters and Energy storage system must meet stricter Demands to extend the test of ice and Snow how do they perform today we are Happy to invite Engineers from the test Station with the team to help us to find Out Yeah it is freezing cold I can feel that My eyelash and eyebrow is frozen today Well 10 hour few products withstand such Extreme environments Okay let's go I found this energy story system is Covered by snow at this bottom is it Okay Um And even if there's a level of like ice On the cover of the inverter the green Light is still built indicating that This solar inverter is running properly You must be curious how that's possible Today to invite with such and how an Expert for Huawei Smart TV to help us Explain it Huawei always attaches great Importance in product quality we fully Consider extreme environments such as Sun exposure Sandstorm and the extremely Low temperature so we designed the

Product to ip66 protection level and to Many reliability tests in gctc lab for Example the inverter will take a Thousand and 500 times in three months At a temperature range of minus 40 Degrees to 70 degrees to ensure reliable And stable operations New Edition we also have outdoor extreme Environmental tests like here in module This is a song 2050 KT here it was Delivered here before release After experience extremely cold weather Here you can see it's still running for Place through the green light in Addition all the powerful products has Passed as a strict test This is our first residential inverter 5 Kilowatt that released in 2017. it has Been here for over six years and we can Look at the purest is still very new Right it's also the residential inverter 10 kilowatts So beside this this is our credential Energy storage system and the lower two Parts are energy storage batteries After experiencing such a put together Here we can see all the products running Properly Today we visited the PV site and see the Cold and frost resistance of flowers Inverters and energy storage system No matter how tough the environment is Always PV products can stand up to the Test bringing green power to everyone

And making the cold winter a little Warmer

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