Huawei | Smart Mining Sets New Gold Standard

Gold has long been a sought-after precious metal, but finding it has never been easy. However, #Huawei and Shandong Gold Group are using digital tech to transform the gold mining industry. Watch to learn how striking gold is now smarter, safer, and more efficient! #ChangingTheGame #MakeItPossible #DigitalTransformation

If there is one thing valued by everyone Around the world that is called today I'm going to take you to see how gold is Mine let's go Shandong is the province with the Largest gold reserves in China today I'm At lycho Bay Goldman area of Shandong Gold group This area consists of many mines four of Which have produced more than 100 tons Of gold way more than any other mine in China You have probably A lot of gold panning scenes in movies But in real world a very little small Amount of gold is in streams Golden horse can be buried hundreds of Meters and even more than a thousand Meters on the ground right now I'm 70 Meters underground and I can already Feel how humid there is I can imagine how hard it should be to Work under this condition in the past Miners had to do all their work under These higher circumstances what about Now As you can see nobody's operating in the Drilling jumbo behind me but it's Running smoothly you cannot see anyone Around here so who are operating it and Where are they This is the centralized control center Of the mine which serves as the brain For the underground operations here

Workers can remotely control the Electric locomotives drilling machines And stone Breakers we just saw Underground as well as seven lifting Shafts thanks to this smart mining Solution now prolang gold miners don't Need to work in dangers and adverse Conditions anymore It's not gonna try to move these rocks Right here Wow it feels very easy I mean like Controlling it like real time you know It just feels like a video game Foreign These are the changes brought by the Smart mind solution developed by Shandong ball group together with Huawei And other partners the solution enables Secure remote operations through a 3D Visualized integrated management and Control platform based on 5G private Networks and Wi-Fi 6 Mesh networking The intelligence of the gold mine goes Beyond remote mining all Links of Mineral production have embraced Digitalization do you know that only a Few grams of gold can be extracted from One ton of cold ore large chunks of go Or go through many layers of production Until usable gold can be yield During processing there are a lot of Indicators that are difficult to measure Dynamic simulation of the indicators can Accurately recreate all the links of the

Production process This use of the digital twin frees Engineer from the headache of missing Indicators Engineers can simulate the indicators on The digital platform greatly improving Their work efficiency As Mr Jose mining is becoming Intelligent and manned and green I believe that more and more traditional Industries will Embrace digitalization To become smart efficient and green like Shandong Gold group let's look forward To the future of digital Minds Foreign

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