Huawei & Partners Leverage Data To Deliver Better Customer Experience

What do AIS, Ethio Telecom & Telecom Argentina have in common? They have partnered #Huawei to elevate their customer experience capabilities via digitalization and data processing. Watch Ronald Van Loon at #MWC23 and learn more!

Hi welcome here at Mobile World Congress 2023 and I'm here with Jonathan Hopkinson and your digital Transformation consultant at Huawei and You know everything about this Transformation as operators Talking about the transformation It's already a term that's used for Years 10 years why is it so important Right now for operators and how do you Bring value to these operators well I Think there's two there's two reasons Why it's becoming so important now first Of all I think we all know we live in an Increasingly digital and intelligent World the way we eat the way we order Food the way we order transport the way We entertain ourselves and particularly The way we work it's all been Transformed by digital Technologies now The important thing about this is if you Think about it it's all enabled by Connectivity you can't order an Uber if You haven't got a signal and that's Where the operators come in yes and you Can't work from home if you haven't got Mobile broadbands correct so operators Are absolutely essential for the growth The digital growth of society so that's Part of it you know they have to be There to support us but then the second Thing is it represents a great business Opportunity to them yeah there's a wide Open canvas for them to really spread

Their technology so they have to be then In a good place to really seize that Opportunity so they've actually got to Do digital transformation themselves so They can deliver all the great bandwidth We need without their costs escalating Out of control so really there's two Facets to it digital transformation is Important for society and The Operators Need to support that and it's important For the operators themselves in actually Enabling them to support what Society Needs so it's two sides same coin really I totally understand it but digital Transformation all these operators they Are transformed already for 10 years 15 Years to more digital type of approach Yes what's now different from 2023 Um for 2020 I tell you what's really Making the difference it's the growth of Data the data that we now have available About the operations have available About their operations the way their Operations are performing and also about Their customers they know so much They're so much more data available to Them now they can really exploit that Data to make Better Business decisions And to treat their customers better give Customers better experiences and really Target services at what customers really Need and that's that's really what's Done at the explosion of data over the Past couple of years partnered with

Increasing the increasing capabilities Of AI machine learning all of that has Come together in a kind of virtuous Almost virtuous circle to really open up Capabilities that we could talk about Five years ago and promised five years Ago but in 2023 It's really being delivered so that's The big difference data monetization That's the key word and to bring value I Mean I would say data monetization Certainly internally exploiting the Dates if you're going to talk about Externally then that's a whole different Kind of worms but certainly exploiting The data within the business making Better business business decisions for Example predicting when the base site is Going to fail okay so it doesn't fail You can go and maintain it before the Failure occurs all of these things are Now use cases that can be delivered to Operators to optimize the network Absolutely and and now operators have The data that now if you drop a call and Have a bad experience they know about it And they can take action and with the Latest AI technology the system itself Can usually detect the problem and Correct it without even human Intervention yeah it may be 70 of cases We can do that see it's actually Transforming the scope of the operator's Operations they can deliver so much more

Without their costs escalator so it's It's tremendously exciting this field Actually oh there definitely is and we Have many Booth over here I would be Going to the first one which is unleash The transformation value Let's discuss more about everything Anytime anywhere and anyone else okay All right let's go here So Jonathan we have here anytime Anywhere anyone and we will talk about Data monetization for The Operators how This relate this to this well one of the Aspects I when I was talking earlier About digital transformation I was Focusing very much on the operational Part and capabilities but what it also Does is opens up many new business Opportunities to the network operators So they don't just get their revenue From Pure connectivity they can add Additional services to what they can Offer the consumer and the business to Really grow their income and we've got Three examples of that on the screen Here so the first one we're showing is Fintech now in certain markets things Such as e-wallet microfinance and easy Payment services are still a key Requirement in certain underdeveloped Markets so introducing fintech services For those operators is can be a a real Revenue generator not only does it help The operator of course it means that the

The consumers now have a convenient way Of making payments and we say any time Because of course fintech is always on 24 7 you can pay a bill you can get a Loan you don't have to wait for the Banks to open I mean for us in the west It's probably second nature now but in Some developed countries that's an Important capability to deliver so That's what we really mean by anytime Okay when we talk about anywhere this Really refers to the opportunities that Cloud-based services offer now remember With cloud-based Services you're not Running the application on your computer Anymore or on your phone it's all being Run on a server a data center up in the Cloud what that means is as long as you Have the connectivity you see we're Coming back to connectivity again which The network operators right if you have The connectivity to the cloud all those Cloud services are available to you Again anywhere anytime so for example You can watch Netflix wherever you Happen to be and why can you do that Because it's all on the clouds you can Access it anytime anywhere and most of The services you you access on a Day-to-day basis will be cloud-based so And now the operators can run their own Cloud networks and support their own Services through a cloud platform as a Service solution so that's the anywhere

Final part of it is anyone now this Refers actually to the way we offer Converged Billing Services now now this Might seem what's that thing's a bit Boring but actually it's a real headache For operators if they're if they're Trying to bundle uh maybe mobile service Broadband service maybe there for a Video service maybe a new music download Service trying to bundle all that Together into a single bill it's an Absolute nightmare because different Solutions different providers trying to Give a single bill that the the consumer Can understand absolute nightmare with Our Converse billing solution they can Bundle these Services together really Quickly in a matter of hours and have a Nice elegant Bill available to the Consumer so suddenly they want to Introduce a new service instead of it Taking three months to get everything in Place the Billy billing into Connectivity and all of that they can do It extremely quickly with this service And that's and we can then offer that Easily to anyone in the services they Need they can have their bundle that Suits them it's not constrained by how They build I want this I want that I Want this one we can bundle it together Give them one simple Bill matching Anyone's needs and there's another Single end user who wants multiple bills

Everybody's happy just with one bill in General one simple Bill actually that And for the operators Great Value Delivering all different kind of new Series it's great value and also it Increases stickiness because of course If you get three or four services from The same operator it tends to build your Loyalty Because everything's coming from the Same place and it's actually up they Almost call it an exit barrier because It tends it will be hard to move your TV Service your Broadband your mobile maybe Your it's linked to a Netflix Subscription you know you can imagine it Really does tend to engender loyalty With the custom that makes me very Curious and I want to see some cases Okay let's go let's go yeah So another great example I'd like to Share with you is AAS in Thailand They've been extremely successful in Introducing your services to grow their Revenues so maybe punxsutorn you can Explain a bit more about what you've Been doing yeah for our ASB snap we Provided we use the digital Transformation to close the revenues Yeah and also we are the number one for Iot business Okay And can you explain a little bit more From a perspective from what kind of

Value you bring to your end clients yeah With Hawaii So the customer can can use can reduce The cost yeah because the use case that People is unmanned um track and equator With remote control so they have no need To have the human to control the the Track so that's why they can possibly Okay all right Thank you yeah thanks let's go to the Next station Jonathan all right thanks Thanks Sir Jonathan explain me a little bit More of background of this this case so What we saw there actually was two great Examples of growing uh operated revenues In a non-traditional way so we saw Connected cars and we also saw about Moving 5G into a factory environment so These are both new Revenue opportunities That weren't open to network operators Before and AIS has been very successful On seizing those opportunities right Let's go to an African case okay AIS was great insights of this this Operator case but now we're going to Ethio Telecom and of course in Africa It's a totally different situation can You explain So Ronald we were speaking earlier about Fintech opportunities for operators what I'd like to do now is introduce you to Saeed Who's chief marketing officer with Ethio Telecom and he could explain a

Really good fintech use case to you so It's listening yeah I'm really curious To your case thank you so much easier Telecom May 2021 uh you know we come up With a long journey to get mobile money Approval for the operator so we have Good license from the National Bank of Ethiopia and we launched our mobile Money May 2021 and may 2021 that you Know in our country the banking at the Unbank versus the bank the difference Was a huge I mean 65 percent of the Customers were not including to the Financial inclusion so so they don't Have a bank account yes and they don't Have bank account and then and more than 65 million customers at that time they Were connected to mobile okay we come up With our mobile Financial Service called Deliver to connect 365 million customers To the financial service and how far are You today okay so I think you know we Have gone through four steps you know Where are the fourth estate now the First step was the user adoption so you Know on the user adoption we come up With an aggressive marketing campaigns And promotions to bring this the massive Customer base to mobile money service Currently we are having uh 29.1 million Customers in 18 months yeah correct So the Second Step was you know Transaction growth you know increasing The volume of transaction into our

Platform so for this we try to work with The ecosystem the tech Society the Fintech society the banks the government B2B and b2c Technology providers Bringing them to our ecosystem and then Making up giving them capability to Reach to their customers so doing this We are really increasing the transaction Recently within 19 months we are able to Reach more than 3.5 billion dollar Transactions into with this platform Yes very aggressive and also the Transaction volume is growing from time To time the circle wave was fintech Financial Service you know in Ethiopia The financial the loan saving micro Credits micro savings and you know Overdraft service was nowhere just only Traditional credits so we come up with Our localized Mela in the case and Sandro Services is localized naming and With this we are able to reach 1.2 Million customers you know across you Know like for the last centuries the Banks were not able to reach more than 500 000 but even is in less than six six Months we are able to give credit for 1.2 million uh customers it's really Amazing and impressive result in terms Of I mean short time and the reach of 1.2 million customers the fourth phase Now we are is you know bringing the Super app to the ecosystem we are Finalizing we are finalizing our super

App very soon in less than one month's Time we will come up with our own super App which allows to have a media which Allows all the ecosystem to be in our Application so that you don't need to Open many applications you just open Scalable and you can finalize all the Transactions so this is all in all what We are doing about television an amazing Case but I want to understand as well How is partnership working with Huawei Yeah in fact you know we launched this Service with Huawei and so you know they Are really at our back helping to Telecom you know achieving all you know Helping as a sponsor TTM helping us on The new you know customization and the New product and service development even Sharing us the experience in the world So we really work hand in hand with Forward in launching all our services Amazing case All right we're going to the next Station so it's thanks a lot thank you So and um we're going to the next one Thank you so much thank you thank you Thank you okay Jonathan let's go to the Next one So I mentioned earlier on the value of Data you asked me how digital Transformation was accelerated I said One of the things is data is increasing And we can now measure and evaluate the Experience of every single user on the

Network and the services they use so the Final case I'd like to introduce you to Actually is with Telecom Argentina and They've used the measurements of their Customers experience to really Drive Their business growth now I think my Good friend Nicholas can actually tell You a bit more about that case hi Everyone I'm good thanks okay okay yeah I'm Looking forward to your case yeah Experience perspective what comes to my Mind the recurring question we have in Our heads is how to improve customer Experience which is important and the Short answer is to understand the client At accordingly at the end of the day we Won't be able to understand the Perception of customer experience unless We fully understand the experience our Customer has each time they go video Streaming music streaming gaming and so On that's the interest of our customer So in order to fill this Gap as our Customer expectations to go we realize It was no longer okay to measure Network Apis to see our own infrastructure but We have to see our service through our Clients perspective to the pointer so in Order to do so we created a series of of Tools of indicators that we call Customer experiences that basically can Describe as a group of relevant kpis Scattered into kqis fill it into a more

Close reference by groups of clients Train and supervise by MPS or by claims Towards contents and being Telecom Accompanied with a wider spectrum of Services we find a rather eclectic Challenge producing these indicators for Hfc networks mobile networks it's a fire To the home network survey and flow our Media platform and now this consolidate Information that give us a good idea of The experience that customers have in Regarding our services on the perceptual Quality we have we use these indicators On a Daily Show basis to make decisions And to improve our networks and our Systems and our processes not from our Standards but from client defined Standards running the path to become a Data driven customer-centric property And can you give some examples from what Type of data you collect and how you Convert it into the definition of Experience absolutely for example when You think in mobile networks and infinix Sourcing classical bicycle is same we Have to use our original kpis I need Network performance but this has no Meaning unless we get informational Service performance like this I mean What experience and what quality of Service you guys have when we have video Um music and gaming over our lab for Each client you have a different Definition of importance for example a

Game there is terribly sensitive to Latency and we have to understand these Kpis of the network through the customer Experience not just thinking in our Original design but evolving it in order To fulfill the requirements and to fill The expectations of the customer correct So Nicholas thanks a lot thank you sir We end with the customer experience Which is the most important thing for The end user in the end and that's why We're doing all this Jonathan thanks a Lot for this great tour that you gave us Great cases and deep insights in how This transformation is important for the Operator And for the audience thank you for Joining us at the store here at Mobile World Congress and we're looking forward To seeing you next time Foreign

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