Huawei Nurtures 50 STEM Students With €250,000 In Scholarships

Since 2015, #Huawei Ireland has nurtured 261 students across 12 Irish universities with the global flagship talent programme #SeedsForTheFuture to develop local skilled ICT talent. €250,000 in scholarships have been awarded in 2022. Read more:

[Music] Foreign [Music] For the future program is huawei's Global Flagship Talent program we Provide modules around ICT Technologies And cultural exchange programs for Students in Ireland this evening is the Scholarship awarding ceremony each year The top 50 graduates will be selected to Be awarded 5 000 Euro for their Outstanding performance throughout the Journey it's a huge honor for me to be Part of the 2022 while receipts for the Future program to be a member of you Know the alumni to join the respective People that received the award is Fantastic and the money will be going Into my my fees and as well you know Just taking care of that receiving the Scholarship takes a lot of the pressure Off and lets me focus on my studies and Then being part of the program was great To learn more about how everything Brings together in terms of theory and Practice yes there's a financial aspect To it and that's really great but really It is kind of the eight day program the Seeds for the future program that we see And all of the things that you learn Along the way in that but you also learn A huge amount of new skills as well There's a lot of learning resources Available during the program which is

Great and there's an awful lot of Support and a good bit of structure too This year is the eighth year of seats in Ireland we have offered 261 students the Opportunity to join seeds and to grow up With seeds this layer is really a Competitive year we received almost 500 Applications out of all the admitted Students Ada graduated 31 of them are female students that Makes the 35 female participation rate Just like in any other industry and you Know nursing is predominantly female Engineering and stem and Tech is Predominantly male and it's going to be Like that so it really isn't something That anybody should shy away from no Matter what your gender is and Personally I believe that gender should Have absolutely no mention your success Or your failure and what we learned That's wow is a lot more than just films And which was very interesting going About 5G like the Technologies of the Future cloud computing like the the Course made the complex topics seem very Very easy Future program students were tasked to Do different projects under the un's Sustainability goals so one of Ireland's Teams has won a top one among all EU Countries check for good project we Worked on was mainly coming up with an Idea to help individuals who have a

Disability mainly in terms of getting on On all the trains and we came up with The idea of our roll-on which is Basically just a ramp more of like a Roomba wrap which can you know be able To access the train to help people just You know navigate their way into the Train so that was the idea we came up With we worked together day and night And we put that idea together and Presented it to Huawei for the final Competition if you don't enter then you Definitely can't get it but if you do Enter there's a chance you might so why Cut your chances and probability of of Getting the the program and getting the Scholarship to zero percent by not Entering so you know you can't win the Games you don't play so I would say just Enter give it a shot and I mean what's The worst that can happen

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