Huawei News | MWC 2023 Highlights

Join Huawei News virtual anchor, HANAH, for a round-up of all the highlights from Mobile World Congress 2023 in Barcelona. Learn about “GUIDE to the Intelligent World”, Huawei’s concept of “Striding Towards the 5.5G Era”, and its Green 1-2-3 solution, plus much more! #MWC23 #Huawei #HuaweiNews

[Music] Thank you Hello welcome to today's Huawei news I'm Your virtual anchor Hannah Mwc is one of the most influential Events in the global mobile Communications industry This year's mwc was held in Barcelona Spain from February 27th to March 2nd Huawei met with operators industry Partners and other key opinion leaders From around the world to discuss guidely Intelligent world Together they looked at how to use the Guide business blueprint to lay the Foundation for 5.5 G and build on the Success of 5G for even greater Prosperity By the end of 2022 5G had already proven To be a global commercial success with More than 1 billion 5G users According to Oakland's latest 5G City Benchmark report Huawei has played an Important part in 5G Network Construction in order of the top 10 Cities among the world's 40 Representative 5G enable series Foreign 's concept of striding towards the 5.5 G Era that was proposed in July 2022 Huawei highlighted the five major Characteristics of the 5.5 G era 10 Gigabytes per second experiences for Scenario interconnection integrated

Sensing and communication offer Autonomous driving networks and green ICT And the event Huawei also showcased its Latest products and solutions that Deliver ultimate 5G experiences premium And intelligent Auto Broadband Connectivity digital and intelligent Transformation and a screen 123 solution Huawei's offerings showed a clear Commitment to innovating for the 5.5 G Era creating value for customers and Stimulating the digital economy [Music] Always Enterprise PG also hosted its own Event at mwc 2023 where it launched more Than 50 Innovative products and Solutions for Global customers Highlights included as intelligence Simplified campus Network solution a Serious Innovative data center Solutions And business strategies for small and Medium-sized Enterprises In the device field Huawei showcased its New Huawei mate 50 Series Huawei Watchbots and Huawei watch GT cyber Which compared with new invasion in Areas like Mobile Imaging fitness and Health and smart office At mwc Huawei won't end Awards including Best mobile network infrastructure Award Best Mobile technology breaks through a Word and 5G industry challenge award Huawei also announced that it had joined

The UNESCO Global Alliance for literacy To enhance Educators use of technology In developing countries Followers from Colombia Hungary and Congo also participated in relevant Activities Join us now to witness 5G prosperity and Spread faster towards the 5.5 G era for More information stay tuned to Huawei News

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