Huawei Kickstarts Seeds Tour With Announcement At MWC 2023 Barcelona

#Huawei’s #SeedsTour was launched at #MWC23 with a 4-day study tour to Barcelona where Huawei announced its commitment to join the UNESCO Global Alliance for Literacy (GAL). Catch the exciting ceremony at #SeedsForTheFuture

[Music] Thank you Hi welcome I'm very excited to be here With you Barcelona what is this Our premise of investing 150 million dollars in digital Thailand Development before 2026 your young People you never stop exploring never Stop learning and never stop growing oh Digital try to understand the design System of solutions for the future of Europe but beyond the safe of a future Of the globe addressing those Inequalities requires special attention To disability groups and to design Interventions tailored to their needs to Ensure [Music] Hold up For everybody in the same ecosystem to Ensure that the youth in Africa get the Right place and there we go now That we gather today to discover how we Can foster Innovative digital talents in The regions [Music] Thank you [Music] [Music]

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