Huawei Held Its 2022 Tech Arena In Sweden To Upskill Local Coders

#Huawei’s #TechArena #Competition in Sweden helps local students to further explore the world of ICT. Check out last year’s second-place winners and their trip to #MWC23 with Huawei to experience cutting-edge technology:

So I'm probably gonna like crash when I Come home so this is another thing Extremely exhausted 24 hours straight to school I think I've Had 15 cups of coffee Pushing yourself to stay awake and go a Little bit like a marathon almost today [Music] Um regardless the actual challenge Begins at 9pm am I correcting it goes Live at 9pm and people can't start Working before that right We'll show you more than welcome to work Or sleep on your desks in your rooms It's just other people won't be working Alongside It's nice that we have 24 hours so that You have a lot of time to come up with a Complex and good solution Going into the Final Phase it was quite A massive step up during the first few Hours of the hackathon the students may Have gotten a little shocked due to the Difficulty increase Foreign We actually try to visualize because in Last year's competition visualizing the Problem was important for us to actually Find a good solution but this year we Completely failed and I have not seen Any good visualization It was very difficult to apply your Intuition to see what would be a good Solution

[Music] The challenging part was that in the Real world that it's a big problem Complex problem but needs to be solved In very short time the execution time is To be in macro second [Music] They need to find a sort of balance Between precise and Optimal Solutions But also imprecise and fast Solutions In one hand we wanted to have tasks that Be solvable in a one week I mean in a Time frame of the hackathon on the other Hand we wanted to have tasks which is Related to our business to give us the Students some taste about what we are Doing for Designing mobile networks [Music] Yeah Welcome to on side phase of this year Hackathon and good to see you some of You again this year I don't know if you Enjoyed the qualification phase task or Not At some points I was ready to give up Almost but then you make a breakthrough In your code and it becomes fun again so It goes up and down It's a combination of pushing yourself And doing something you like [Music] To make them feel that what they are Doing is worth is that they can get Where they want to be in the future by

How they are harder they are pushing now It's primarily about meeting people when You sit there for you know how many Hours thinking about the problem you Start to think that our approach is the Only approach I can't think of anything Else I have tried everything and then You actually listen to people's Solutions and they try all sorts of Things like maybe one is similar but There are like so many possible Solutions [Music] All industry that's really cutting edge Industry that is really working on new Technologies and it allows the students Not only to see what that foundational Theory is for it also gives them Exposure to professional deportment Being able to conduct themselves in a Way that is consistent with good Business practice this is where they get An opportunity to actually see the Meeting of their education and how it Applies to the needs of Industry Thank you all the students professors And colleagues for your great support And help congratulations to all the Winners This year is teams [Music]

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