Huawei Celebrates International Women’s Day With Irina Bokova

The first woman to become UNESCO’s Director General. Meet Irina Bokova, who believes that education gives hope. Celebrate #InternationalWomensDay2023 via inspiring #female #leadership stories with #Huawei: #TechByHer #WomenInTech #IWD #IWD23

[Music] My name is Irina bokova I'm the former Director general of UNESCO I'm a Diplomat born in Bulgaria I have been an Ambassador I have been Deputy Minister Of Foreign Affairs I was the first woman To be elected as director general of UNESCO something of which of course I'm Very proud Of course my time as UNESCO was the most Wonderful years in my personal life and Career and everybody say oh you're the First woman so now you will do more than Is the usual job but I felt a particular Responsibility also to promote women's Empowerment and what I did try to do During my mentor at the sunesquest Always to look at the different Activities projects ideas that we're Launching During my time when we launched big Initiatives like the global compact for Girls education I was very much Concerned with the destruction of Cultural heritage in Syria in Iraq very Emblematic Monuments for the whole of humanity I Would say that one of the most Cherished moments for me were when I Visited schools in Brazil in Central America in Asia I had a wonderful visit One of the emblematic world heritage Sites next to Petra and I visited the Community center which was established

By UNESCO for the dropouts of girls and And it was really a very touching to Speak about the girls why they dropped Out of school what they want to become Further a girl told me that she dreamed Of become like me director general of UNESCO and I told her that she can do This if she continues her education if He she pursues some of some of her Dreams I always thought that what is Important is to give Hope on one side to This women and girls and on the other Side of course to create the Opportunities for them and these were Probably the moments which impacted me Most and which gave me once again the Conviction of the power of Education of The power of connectivity of the power Of Sciences and culture because I Believe this is something important for The world Foreign [Music]

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