HowTo: Set up a Ubiquiti Access Point as a Repeater

Welcome to crosstalk solutions, my name’s Chris and today I wanted to do a video on how to set up a ubiquity access point as a repeater, so basically not connected to any sort of Ethernet network, but powered up and grabbing a signal out of the air from Another ubiquity access point and then repeating that signal to additional clients out in the field. So there’s a couple things that you need right off: the bat you’re going to want to start out with a unified controller. So I’m running unify controller for dot 7.5 and you’re. Going to need a couple of access points, so in my case I have two. I have one UAP a CLR and I have one UAP ac light and, as you can see here, both of those devices are connected and they are connected at 100, megabit, full duplex. So they’re plugged into my land right now now the what the ua p AC light is right behind me here and i have it set up with a 24 volt p OE adapter. So i’ve got it plugged from the land into the adapter and then from the adapter into the access point. What i’m going to do here is simply disconnect the land. Ok. So, while that’s disconnected, this is now only powered up with power of riether net is not receiving a signal from the land in any way, shape or form whatsoever. One important thing to note is that you do want to have this configured on the land ahead of time. This does not allow you to set up a access point as a repeater if it hasn’t already been set up and connected to a LAN interface. So once this access point has been disconnected from the land, we’re going to see its status change in the unified controller, first, we’re going to see that it’s missing a heartbeat and then after it’s missed a couple heartbeats it’s going to change status to isolated, and so We will wait for that to happen and then we’ll show you what to do next. Ok, so here we have my UAP a CLR, which is can did at 100 full duplex, and then we have my UAP ac-lite, which is now in an isolated status, which means that the unified controller can still see the device, but it’s not connected to the land. So that’s what we want is the isolated status. Now, if you click on the UA PA, see light or click on the isolated access point, you’re going to bring up the properties, dialog box, click on configuration, tab and then come down here to wireless uplinks. So I’ve click on a wireless uplinks. I can see the other access point in my wireless topology here and we can see that the signal strength is 79 %, which is pretty good. So what we’re going to do here is we’re going to say, select and then click close on the alert window that pops up. What this is going to do now is connect. The UA PA see light to the other access point as a repeater and then it will change to a wireless connected, but Wireless status. Now, while this is waiting to do that, I have to say that I don’t typically recommend running any access point by any manufacturer. In repeater mode, it’s always always always best to hardwire an access point. If you can, that being said, there are some situations where that’s just not possible, so in those situations bring the access points in inside connect them both up, get them both connected to the wireless network and up to date and then disconnect the one. That’S going to be the repeater and, and once it goes isolated you can then join it to the network, the wireless network, the wireless mesh topology in an isolated state or in a repeater state. Ok, so there we go. We can now see that I’ve got my two access points. One is now connected at 100, megabit, full duplex and the second one is connected wirelessly. So that’s functioning as a repeater and my guess or my clients will just start to pop on to that access point. Just like they would, if it was wired up I’ll, be at their speed, will be significantly slower because it is a repeater if you’re interested in purchasing one of these ubiquity access points. I definitely recommend them head on over to the crosstalk solutions store at crosstalk solutions. Comm, all of the products that I list in the cross talk solutions store, are products that are personally vetted and recommended by me stuff that I’ve actually used and stuff that I actually recommend to my client base, as well as my YouTube subscribers and viewers. So my name is Christian crosstalk solutions. If you like this video, please give me a thumbs up and if you’d like to see more videos like this, please click subscribe. Thank you so much for watching

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