A ???????? replacement that uses fivems mumble voip

  • Radios (one radio channel per player for now)
  • Radio mic clicks
  • Calls
  • Facial animations when talking
  • Phone Speaker mode toggle
  • Hear nearby calls
  • Voice chat & Microphone disabled warning messages
  • 3D Proximity base audio
  • Onesync/Infinity/Beyond support
  • Grid system for voice channels
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Export Description Parameter(s)
SetMumbleProperty Set config options string, any
SetRadioChannel Set radio channel int
SetCallChannel Set call channel int
SetRadioChannelName Set name of radio channel int, string
SetCallChannelName Set name of call channel int, string

Supported TokoVOIP Exports

Export Description Parameter(s)
SetTokoProperty Set config options string, any
addPlayerToRadio Set radio channel int
removePlayerFromRadio Remove player from radio  
addPlayerToCall Set call channel int
removePlayerFromCall Remove player from call  


Export Description Parameter(s) Return type
GetPlayersInRadioChannel Returns players in a radio channel int table or false
GetPlayersInRadioChannels Returns players in radio channels int, int, … table
GetPlayersInAllRadioChannels Returns players in every radio channel   table
GetPlayersInPlayerRadioChannel Returns players in a player radio channel int table or false
GetPlayerRadioChannel Returns player radio channel int int
GetPlayerCallChannel Returns player call channel int int


  • @Itokoyamato for TokoVOIP
  • @Nardah and @crunchFiveM for Testing
  • @blattersturm for the grid concept