How to move devices between sites in UniFi

How to move devices between sites in UniFi

I’m on the site called spares right now and I have a device called spare and I’m going to move this into my other site called uh, dana and so to do that. I’m gonna go to the devices page click on the spare device, click on config scroll go down to manage device and uh in the section that says forget this device. This is where you can select this drop down to move this device to now. If you click the forget button, which is uh behind my camera here, if you click this button, that’s gonna remove it from the entire controller. But if you select the drop-down to move it into another site, as I said, I want to move it to the data site.

Now it’s going to ask me: do you want to move this device to dana? Are you sure you want to move this device to dana the device configurations in history with respect to the site will be wiped out and the device will re-provision with configurations and data? So basically, what it’s saying is any s ssids or settings I configured in this site: um that’s going to get wiped off the device and it’s going to assume whatever wireless network settings are in the dana site and reprovision with those settings. So i’m, okay with that going to click confirm, and so now the device has been moved. And if i go over to the dana site, you’re going to see that it’s going to show up as disconnected momentarily it’s going to reprovision, it’s going to say provisioning and then connected all right.

So it took just a few seconds now. It says provisioning all right cool. So now our spare device is connected and that’s the end of the tutorial.


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