How To Make Money With ChatGPT AI In 2023 (For Beginners)

How To Make Money With ChatGPT AI In 2023 (For Beginners)
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VCA tool right here called Chad GPT is All over the Internet and in today’s Video I’m going to show you how you can Make use of it for absolutely free in Order to make money online so let’s get Started and I’m gonna cut right to the Chase the first thing you want to do is Head over to and this is where the Magic happens but I do want to bore you With the technicalities about how their AI operates because this is not what the Video is all about I want this video to Be a practical guide on how you can make Use of the tool to make money so let’s Stick to that however what we got to Understand is that this is a language Model it has been optimized in order to Make it easy for you to interact with AI And from my personal experience it’s Absolutely great when it comes to Writing content it does a great job now This is not entirely new we’ve had Options such as for quite some Time now and I’ve actually done a few Reviews about this tool in the past but These options were not free yeah GPT is Absolutely free of charge and anyone can Use it right now for instance I could Just give it a random topic to talk About such as the top 5 products where People people working from home let’s Just ask you to write an article about That random topic and let’s hit enter in

A matter of seconds this tool is going To search all over the Internet do the Research and come up with the article we Have asked for there you have it and This is actually applicable information It’s high quality content it’s not just Going to throw a bunch of random stuff At you it is actually gonna do the work And come up with a useful article and That is what makes Chad GPT stand out From the crowd let me show you another Example this is another AI powered tool An AI writing assistant that is focusing On writing content right well let’s give It a try what I can do is choose the use Case and that is a block section writing And I could give you the same exact Requirements top 5 products for people Working from home let’s see the Difference between the two I’m just Gonna type that in and then paste in Some keywords let’s give it a go well This is what it came up with we only Have some short bits of information here Thrown all over the place and none of These three very is complete if you want To get an actual complete article you Would have to pay for it but that’s not The case when it comes to chat GPT You’ve got a full-length article here That you can leverage and this was just A random example but that just goes to Show that it’s gonna do an awesome job For absolutely free as a matter of fact

Chad GPD has just written about 392 Words for us without paying a single Dollar for it that’s quite a little bit Of work but that’s not all you can do It’s pretty good at conversation too so You can get some really interesting Answers from it but you’re still talking To AI this is not a real person and it Can also help you write and troubleshoot Code for instance I can just type in Something like write some code that Generates 10 random numbers this is a Very simple a very basic example but There you have it it is writing it as we Speak and you can use it for more Complicated tasks as well however the Tool has not been specifically designed For writing code which is why you might Have some issues getting the result you Want it might give you some inquiry Answers it may not really understand Your questions properly so this is not Perfect you’re not talking to a person It is still an AI tool but when it comes To writing content like this it’s the Best one on the market so now that we Have a pretty good understanding of its Functionality and how you can make use Of it let’s actually put it into Practice let’s take advantage of all of This free value and monetize it and so The very next thing I want you to do is Head over to YouTube and start using the Search bar here’s something that most

People Overlook YouTube is not only a Place for entertainment now a lot of People use it for entertainment Exclusively but at the same time a lot Of other people use it as a search Engine just like Google people connect To YouTube and search for stuff like Tutorials and explainer videos for Instance somebody May search for Something along the lines of how to Convert a PDF to a Word document or a JPG file and if they do so here’s what Happens they will get a bunch of Different tutorials explaining how the Process works but here’s what you can do You can connect right over to Chad GPD Dot com and ask you for help write the Video script about how people can turn a PDF into a Word document and let’s see If it does the job well guys there you Have it hi and welcome to this tutorial On how you can enter in a PDF into a Word document and as you can see they Are literally laying out the steps one At a time people would have to use this Tool right here then press the open file Button and so on and so forth instead of Doing the research yourself you can Literally get this script done in a Matter of seconds using chat GPT and Then turning this script into an actual Tutorial into an actual video and it’s Got a pretty good structure to it Straight to the point it’s valuable and

It certainly answers the question but Let me show you why this is so valuable But you have to understand the earning Potential we’re talking about here just Take a look at this YouTube channel it’s Called how affinity and is the name of The channel my suggest it is all about Social media and Tech tutorials they’re Just answering people’s questions if we Take a look at some of their most Popular uploads we’re talking about how To transfer data from an old iPhone to a New one how to add links to Instagram How to add music from computer to your IPhone and so on and so forth the fact Of the matter is millions of people are Searching for these topics on a daily Basis and they need someone to answer Their questions but doing their research And putting together videos like these Is not that simple especially if you Want to post a lot of content and this Is where content writing tools such as Chat GPT can come into play in order to Really get an idea of the earning Potential of this method and I’m talking About creating a YouTube channel and Posting short tutorials let me show you Something really interesting according To the channel is making Up to fifteen thousand dollars on a Monthly basis but if you were to ask me I would say they are making a lot more Guys they’re getting around the million

Views on a weekly basis and the way Monetization works on YouTube is that YouTube is basically gonna pay you a Fixed rate per 1000 views which is Called the RPM the revenue per mil now For a tech tutorial Channel like this I Would say that their RPM is somewhere Around four or five dollars remember Remember let’s see four dollars per 1000 Views but they are getting a million per Week that is around 4 million a month And if we multiply that by four well That’s at least sixteen thousand dollars In Revenue without investing huge Amounts of money into the video creation Without having to come up with some Revolutionary scripts and scenarios Without having to shoot any actual Content all you’re doing is recording Some short clips some tutorials and They’ve been insanely successful with That but this is not the only Channel That’s doing it but let you see that you Think the niche is oversaturated and This is not gonna work or you simply do Not have the patience well let me show You a faster read you can make money by Posting content on YouTube and using Chat GPT for scripts believe it or not You can become an Amazon affiliate and Start receiving commissions right away And I’m not even kidding if you head Over to Amazon Associates you can start Promoting any Amazon products in a

Couple days once your application gets Through and you can get a commission Every time something gets sold through Your affiliate link for instance you can Actually go ahead to and Create the video about the top 5 vacuum Cleaners of 2022. this is a topic that People are searching for don’t have to Do my work for it take a look at this This video has generated over 180 000 Views here’s another one with over 40K Views from a different Channel as a Matter of fact these channels are doing Exactly that top 5 best massage chairs Top 5 under desk threadmills and the List goes on and on they’ve literally Got a list of every product you can Think of but here’s their secret is I’m Sure you can tell they are also Promoting these products as an affiliate By linking all of these Amazon links in Their description so that people can Check out those links and buy the Product if they want to and here’s how You can save a lot of time and not Actually do the research yourself and Create the script yourself let me just Copy the name of this video right here And here’s what I’m gonna do next let me Just head back over to chatgpt and type In something like this write the script For a video about the top 5 best smart Toilets of 2022 or 2023 let’s just stop That in a hit enter and let’s see what

It does well it’s already start the Writing and it is literally putting Together that script as we speak it’s Doing the research finding valuable Information all over the Internet and Putting it together guys this is Literally the most value you can get From a free tool all you have to do at This point is just put together a bunch Of footage that you can download off of Amazon about those products and create a Video you can then do the voiceover Yourself or even use a bot in order to Do that as well but I’m gonna leave that Up to you at the end of the day one of The best use cases for chat GPT in my Opinion is writing scripts for Content Especially YouTube channels it’s got the Ability to come up with a valuable Script in just a few seconds which means That you can literally post dozens of Videos every single day if you’re Willing to put in the work and record Them that is all these YouTube channels Are already making millions we’ve got All the resources you need to make it Work that’s it for now and thanks for Watching

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