How To Install The Cisco Unified Communications Manager / Unity Connection 6 month demo License

Hello, everyone – this is Jason with for geeks eggs, and today I’m gon na be showing you how to turn your 60 day demo license into a six month. Demo license this can be done through, and it can only be done once so. My recommendation would be to get the license, configure everything just the way you want it and then create a snapshot inside of VMware and then after your six months, you can always revert back. They wanted a six month, trial and start all over with another six months. So, let’s just get started now I’ll, walk you through the configuration you first, you need to go to the Cisco prime license manager, and you can do this on your publisher and subscriber or unity. It’S no need to go to all three of them once you’re doing on one it kind of replicates to all all three of them as forests and licenses concern, and you don’t have to do the subscriber. If you do the publisher, if you do the publisher, you don’t have to do the subscriber because they are in redundancy, so it’s no need to do both of them. So what you do is log in and you log in using the same username and password. You would to log into the CCM web administration. Page click on product instances, add new we’re gon na just do the pub unifier CM the IP address of my publisher username. Now this username is going to be the platform administration user account, and that is the same. When you use to log into the command line interface, you can test the connection if you like that succeeded so hit. Ok, now we want to add the unity box, select, unity, connection, same platform, user account it okay. The next thing we need to do is go to license. Fulfillment go down to fulfillment options generate license request. It spits this little information out here, we’re gon na copy. It just stick it in the clipboard. For now, and now we need to just browse over to the – I already have it here and you do need to create a username and password, but the good thing is you: don’t have to have any contracts associated with it, so this can be done by Anyone all you have to do is just go to and sign up for a username for user account and it’s totally free. Okay. The next thing you need to do is go to login. I’Ve already created a dummy account to protect my personal user ID, but you, like, I said it’s totally free and I’m using a fictitious account so which shows you is free. You don’t have to have any kind of contracts associated to do this, but you do need to go to this. License administration portal and I’ll put this in the description or I’ll just kind of pause it here. So you can actually copy it off yourself, but you need to go to this product. License registration portal go to get other licenses demo and evaluation go down to unified communication products and we want to go to Cisco, Unified Communications demo, license nine dot X or later hit. Next, you want to choose which version of car manager you’re trying to get a demo license for I’m actually running 10.

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5, now so I’ll have to go there and we’re gon na copy this bill into this box, and that’s why I pasted it. I figure out: what’s gon na write over it, all right paste hit next. Alright, now that looks good, you got to agree, submit all righty, so let’s say they’re sending me an email confirmation where I can also download the demo license, or I can just download it right now. That’S what I’m gon na do I’m gon na choose to save it. Very small file takes only a matter of seconds, so we actually done with Cisco go back over to the sea. You see a license manager. I’M gon na close. This go to fulfilled, license from file, and here we’re just gon na browse till we find the downloaded file and install okay. Just like that, we got confirmation that the installation was successful. We’Re gon na close this okay to verify this license install successfully we’re gon na hop over to the CCM administration page. Now, if you’ve logged in to here before doing the six-month demo, you will see you would have saw a banner that said 60 day expiration at the very top of the CCM web page. So to verify that we are true, indeed running on the six-month demo license. We should log in and not see that 60 day demo license and there you have it. There is no warning about a 60 day demo license, and that is because we are now on the six month. Demo license. So this concludes my video and, like I said my recommendation would be to apply the six month. Demo lysine configure everything in column manager as you would want. It then create your snapshot. So, at the end of the six months you can revert back and continue to use the six month license over again and this works for unity connection as well. So that’s all I had I’d like to. Thank you guys for watching. Please continue to like comment and subscribe. It really helps the page grow and if you have any questions or need anything for me, I am here and willing to help. I hope you enjoyed the video for geeks sakes.

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