How to install GCphone V3 for toko-voip or mumblevoip | VPS and Zap-hosting.


I’m going to show you a tutorial on how you can install the GC phone version 3, make sure you have already said the essential mode and the database because I’m not going to go into real how you can set That up there are multiple videos, so you can actually set that up. So this is just poorly the phone uh. In the description, I will give you three links, which are the requirements and the actual phone. So let’s go ahead and unload these requirements over here. So, firstly, what you’re going to need is new banking.

So you go to this link. The new app new banking goes ahead and code download, zip. Now, once it has uh downloaded, go ahead and open it, you will see the new banking master into the WinRAR or zip make sure you extract it by just going over here and on the desktop. Now you can close this uh. Let me just move this over here, so oh okay hold on just delete this over here, so it doesn’t miss your mind, so new banking of it here uh next thing you want to do is go through the second requirement, which is a gc phone add-on.

Again, there’s a link: it’s in the link in the description, the description go to the gsa, gc phone zip go ahead and click it once open. It goes ahead and goes to the resources go to the gc add-ons gesx, add-ons gc phone again. You’Ll need the essential mode of this to work. Uh go ahead and check your other youtube videos, so you can set up the essential mode again, close it, and the actual phone. This is version three go ahead and copy it and paste it from it.

Here there you go uh, so currently this version is the 25th of July. You have the version 1.41 you’re, watching this later maybe come out with the 1242 other versions make sure you downl go to first resources, dot zip, go ahead and again open it extract it. Go to the resources, gc phone and drag and drop to your desktop uh. Now you can close this and you can close this also now.

These are the three files that you need. These are the two requirements, an actual phone first thing: what you need to do with the requirements is make sure to new banking you’re gonna rename it and uh delete the master, and that’s it. That’S all you need to do for the new banking. Now in the esx add-ons gc phone, you don’t need to do anything, which is my, i think, yeah you don’t need to do anything and then actual gc phone you’ll need a couple of things. So i will remember this tutorial to set up for taco, vipe or mambu vipe.

Whichever to use i use so-called wipes, i will be setting up this for talk, wipe so first thing which you get and do then open the gc phone uh resource. Now you see these uh sql files uh. These are the files for your database. So let me just show you how you can import these into a database. So, first you need to open the haiti sql order for zap you’ll need to go to the database log and then the uh.

I believe the php admin you log into into there and then you can import it from there. But as i’m using the vps, i mean i’m using the actual program id now before you import. It make sure you have changed it so go ahead and right-click it edit, and you can see all that thing. So you can see the create table. Even obviously, there’s phone calls and all that stuff um only need anything which you need to change.

Is this, so you can see yes, extended, make sure go ahead and open your uh. The database and you can see my other way is called essential mode. Not esx extended so make sure you change this to the uh to the essential mode. So let me just quickly do that mode. There you go uh, go ahead and change this to use essential mode and then just save it like this now you’re all set to run to the base of sql.

Now close it uh close the database. Now you can do the same thing with the twitter.sql and then go to edit um. Now again, yes, extended press, ctrl, v change to the essential mode or for zap. First, up is gonna be called, I believe, zap and then they’re, like numbers, so make sure you change that to this the zap and the numbers for me, it’s essential mode and then again save it close.

It close the heidi now uh next thing go ahead and open config.lua file. You can see you can change the locals for me. It’S english, then you can change the phone or like the pd. You can see mission row is, if you, if you’re, going to call 901 it’s going to go to disk coordination which is mission, row uh, then phone booth, uh, then config dot, key open.

You can config these um also to take call. You can configure. Also this now this is where you’re gon na change this. So if you can use this to mumble life, you’re gon na set this to true or if you’re in my for me as i’m using the toe called voip, i’m just going to say that’s the truth. Like this now again save it, that’s all you need to do uh next thing.

What you need to do is go to settler server.form and you will need to delete these means minus signs. I don’t know how you can tell this make sure to delete those like this save it. This is basically that it’s going to generate new phone for new users, that’s going to generate new phone so and this this is for you. So let’s say as of right now: players respond with the phone over the phone.

If you want them to like buy a phone in like a service. The shop you’ll need to delete these as of right. Now i’m just going to leave it as it is right now, because i want players spawn with the phone. I don’t want players to buy the phone, so i’m just saying this as it is, i’m going to close it and also close the config Lua and then that’s it, that’s all you need to do now, importing the um sql it’s going to go to file, run sql and then your desktop gc phone base. Double click it for me choose error because i already have all the phone there.

It is the phone app and chat, as you can see, um yeah. For me it can show for you, you shouldn’t uh, recall the network. If you have done everything correctly and you can do the same thing with the fair.sql – oh and open it like this again. There, because i already have the winner there you go for the account all that stuff.

Now, once you’ve done that uh, you will go import into your resources, so find your server i’m using the root pack, i’m just going to resources and i’m just going to drag and drop like this resources. Oh my god, i need to close haiti like this boom. Like that now you see all those into resources, research, folder on next thing. You need to make sure you have a start. You need to start researching the server.

fg so make sure you have the start that the esx out on the gc phone and then also new banking. I already have that in my sql, so i’m not gon na. Do it and that’s it, that’s all you need. Do you can go close up your server and it should work every calls and yeah? So this is just a quick uh tutorial how you can set up gc phone uh.


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