How to install a Ubiquiti UniFi UAP-AC-EDU and test by

This is the Intellivision install for the obliquity networks, unify a PA c, slash edu the access point with integrated public address system. The first thing you do is you take off the decal for the mounting hole that you can end up, cutting put it right in the middle. This is the thickness of the tile that we have at the moment, and it’s going to go in so you cut on the outer ring. So after you get the hole cut out, we use a box. So this right here it just collects everything in there flip it over. Does it matter if it’s not 100 % perfect, because the outer ring is going to cover it the hole that you have through that side and then on the back. You get the mounting squares that are going to get taken on, then we just hand tighten the rest. You don’t want to end up cracking the tile, so then, after those are in get the ep back into the main and then the USP lock it in this is the in Tel Aviv intercom test for the ubiquity unify AP / edu. So it’s pretty good yeah little feedback, but you

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