How to Get Free SSL Certificate from ZeroSSL

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SSL/TLS certificate is an essential part in today internet communication. Online communication cannot imagine without SSL/TLS certificate. SSL/TLS certificate makes online communication secure by encrypting data transmitted over public internet. So, most of the applications (Web, Email and VPN services) those transmit data over public internet use SSL/TLS certificate to secure communication.

SSL/TLS certificate requires to be signed by Certificate Authority (CA). It is possible to create self-signed certificate with SSL certificate creation tools such as OpenSSL. Some router vendors such as MikroTik RouterOS also provide facility to create self-signed certificate. Although self-signed certificate establishes secure communication, it is always not trusted by Operating System. So, we get warning or error notification although we install private CA in trusted root certificate. For this, we need to get public CA to get warning or error free secure communication.

Public CA requires yearly subscription fee to get their service. Although this payment is not so high for enterprise organizations but small business companies sometimes face trouble to pay yearly subscription fee. Don’t be worried if subscription fee goes out of budget. Some public CA organizations provide free SSL certificate to make internet completely secure. ZeroSSL is one of them who provides fast, reliable and free SSL/TL certificate for anyone. But we need to follow some steps to get free SSL/TLS certificate from ZeroSSL.
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