How to get a free TS or Mumble server!

Hey guys, it’s equal, undercover and today, I’m gon na show you how you can get either a free, mumble or teamspeak server, without hosting it yourself now. The reason I prefer mumble and teamspeak over Skype is because it has better quality and it takes up less CPU usage. So first thing: I’m gon na show you is mumble or yeah mumble, so you come to get build guild bit calm, my bad and it will bring you here. I really leave this link in the description. You can choose us west us, east or EU.

I’M gon na choose East cuz, that’s the coast. I live on then set a password. I’M gon na make mine one two three four, the video and then you click deploy now. Here’S my server and wine guild bit calm, port and password. Now you can delete the server, extend the time and see who we’re online.

So I’m gon na open up my mumble click on server connect. This one connect. It’S quick, yes, connected server connection, hijack password wrong password connected enter server connection, rejected wrong password connected, oh crap, toppy server, connect. Add new, I’m good click. Ok, I’m gon na delete this one actually, because that one doesn’t work then connect cookie.

That’S the server technician has working wrong password. There you go here, we are now. If I come over here, it hasn’t updated yet, but it should soon and say that I am online but yeah. So that is how you get a free, mumble server and it close out of that close and um. Next, I’m going to show you how to get a free, teamspeak server.

Now you’re gon na need overwolf for this and um. You don’t have to always have it running, it’s just a you know, one-time setup in its dumb thing, so um. I will leave this link in the description to you. Just come here, download it and create an account, because you will need an account now. It will pop up over in the corner of your screen.

You know like it normally does. If you for those of you who use it, you want to go to the App Store wan na click on the App Store of course and um, and once it opens, you will get this page. You want to scroll down until you see apps for teamspeak. You want to click on that and then scroll down until you see type for Aggie teamspeak hosting. Now you click install.

I already have it installed, so I’m gon na click launch and it should launch it so uh where’d it go everybody’s um. While that’s loading up. I’M gon na come in here. You can see that you can choose your nickname and everything and you can read the description here if you really want to, but they have other plugins like soundboard chat and toolbox and panel and all this other kind of stuff. So it’s loaded up now and here you go – you want to click login to over wolf chat, I’m already logged in then launch teamspeak 3, and I am already launched and connected and as you can see here, I have all my custom logos, all of the channels And stuff all of the permissions now, as far as I know, this is for unlimited people, but I only have a typical about five.

Most of hat is ten, so I don’t know but um the mumble is fourteen or fifteen people only. But you can see here that you can get a privileged key it’ll copy it directly to your clipboard. So you can just use privileged key and enter and you will be a server admin so yeah. I will leave a link in the description to both overwolf and Gilbert and yeah. That’S about it.

So I hope you guys enjoyed it where it comes to scribe and I’ll see you guys later. Peace out,

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