How to Downgrade MikroTik RouterOS and Firmware Properly

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MikroTik RouterOS is in constant development and new features or bug fixes are frequently available, sometimes even monthly. So, it is always recommend upgrading MikroTik RouterOS to a latest and stable version before beginning any configuration. But sometimes you may face that the upgraded version is not working properly according to your demand or you may upgrade to a new version that you don’t want. In this case, you should come back to your workable RouterOS version and firmware. Upgrading RouterOS and Firmware is so easy but downgrading RouterOS may be more difficult if you don’t know the proper guideline. So, in this video I will show how to downgrade MikroTik RouterOS and Firmware with step by step guideline.
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Benefits of the VoIP Phone System to Your Business

Do you hate the time it takes to check voice messages and sometimes to take notes of them? Wouldn’t you much rather to read voicemails on your computer and be able to print the script instead of writing down notes. Well guess what, you can do this using VOIP – Voice over Internet Protocol.

Pros and Cons of Using VoIP Phone Service

Considering all Web based applications, it must be acknowledged that one of the most remarkable innovations is Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) phone service. The biggest advantage of VOIP is the enormous saving of money on the phone bills as phone calls are routed through the Internet. This is not to say that VoIP does not have its share of disadvantages.

Run an Efficient Business Using VoIP

Business interactions are currently no longer only on a face to face basis. As a matter of fact, the majority of our interactions are through medium which we cannot even see the other persons such as telephone and email.

VoIP, the Future of Voice Communication Heralding an Era of Affordable Telephony

The article describes the benefits of VoIP systems and the choice of VoIP phones available. Low costs, better quality, increased reach and user friendly features are some of the advantages that VoIP systems offer.

Save Big Money on Telephone With netTALK Duo

The time is come for most of us to send your (regular) land-line telephone service packing. Many of us just don’t realize it yet. I’m here to help you with that. If only you could get service like Vonage, with a price like Magic Jack. Well here you go!

Cheap Long Distance Rate – A Holiday Treat

It is thirteen days before Christmas and most of us can’t keep waiting for that day to come. This is all due to the season we have now – a season of joy and time of the year where your long distance bills are racking up from calling your relatives and friends that you only talk to almost once a year. But this traditional system will no longer be experienced if you are the type that doesn’t like to spend time browsing and comparing which local long distance provider gets the most affordable rate, you’re in for a treat.

Home VoIP Setup

How to implement VoIP in your own home. Explores three different ways you can set up a VoIP system.

Magic Jack Free Calls

Free calls with Magic Jack is possible and it is very good news for residence of Canada and United States because with Phone Jack one can make unlimited phone calls to our friends and relatives to outside the country. Phone Jack brings unlimited callings plan which fulfill your dream of calling limitless to your close ones.

VoIP Vs Regular Phone Service

Illustrates the difference between VoIP and a regular landline phone service. Examines the impacts for both personal uses as well as business purposes.


The way we get phone service in the home has undergone a change in recent years. Not too many years ago there was one central phone company that supplied service to homes in the US. Their monopoly on the public phone service was broken up in the mid eighties.

Finding The Most Convenient Cheap Calls

One of the most convenient ways to make cheap calls is by using the Internet. In this point, both people can communicate using the internet calling software, which is commonly free of charge. The other way of calling at lower cost is by getting a phone number that works over VoIP. And the last is, using calling cards which are reasonably priced and simple ways of making calls – either domestic or international calls.

Cheap International Calls’ Best Deal

Cheap international calls are essential for lots of people, especially when restraining on household expenses and bills. Placing frequent overseas calls can result into inflated phone bills which you may soon struggle to pay. Overseas calls are becoming common to every household as there are more people living and working abroad now than ever before; making it essential to be able to keep in touch with them, usually by phone. But due to the advent of technology, different ways in keeping contact have been practiced. Yet, they are uncongenial and not as convenient as making a phone call.

Advantages Of 3G Calling Services Over Earlier Services

The 3G calling services is and improvement in the mobile telephony technology. This technology has now been adopted by many countries including African countries. However, its implementation has been slow in some places. Previously, mobile devices were using the 1G and 2G versions which had limited features and very slow. 3G came to combine telephony with the wireless internet to come up with improved ways of communication.

WiFi VoIP Phones Replacing 2-Way Radios

I’ve recently noticed that so many companies are beginning to use WiFi VoIP phones in locations that would normally have 2-way radios. This is something that I’d have never thought of, until it made sense to me in a major warehouse-club store. Now, I don’t want to speak out of school here but, in the 15 minutes I was standing in line, I heard enough information that everyone around the store agreed, wasn’t meant for customer’s ears

How Can Call Management Software Help in Your Call Scheduling?

In today’s competitive business world, in order to increase sales, we need to find many ways to attract and retain our customers from time to time. Nowadays, many businesses are very serious about managing the incoming calls from the customers. They don’t want to miss the customers’ enquiries as well as complaints. They invest some money to get call management software to assist them. If this software is new to you, I am here to share some information with you.

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