How to Configure DNS Server on CentOS 7 (Caching DNS with BIND)

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DNS (Domain Name System) Server is an essential part to any computer network. Today web communication cannot imagine without DNS Server. DNS is a client server protocol where DNS Client requests for the domain name resolution and DNS Server response on it. Every network should have a DNS Server because local DNS Server improves network performance by caching DNS information and serving DNS request locally. DNS Server can be configured either Windows or Linux operating system. In this video, I will show how to configure a caching DNS Server on CentOS 7/ RedHat 7 Linux with BIND9 Service.
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People took a breath of relief when Internet came into our lives. Now, we have VoIP phones – that doubles the joy and benefits! VoIP services are becoming an indispensable communication tool, for both individual and business needs.

Secure Your VoIP and Avoid Huge Telephone Bills

Explains the dangers of having unsecured VoIP networks. Also talks about what can be done to make sure attackers don’t find an easy target.

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With the advent of technology and internet, the consumers are adorned with various facilities which can offer them great avenues in terms of business and corporate gains. The internet is the strongest tool of communication which connects the whole world irrespective of their different boundaries and nations.

How to Find a Dependable VoIP Service Provider

Selecting the right VoIP service provider can be quite confusing as each VoIP PBX service will offer a variety of services, prices, and additional features. It is therefore essential that you are clear in your mind what exactly you require – so that it is easier to select the service who is right for you. There are many VOIP services but the onus is on you to do proper research and choose a reliable and reputed VoIP PBX service provider who will understand and fulfill the demands of your business communications.

VoiP – Advantages and Disadvantages

An honest evaluation of the advantages and disadvantages of VoIP. Also talks about what the future holds for the various aspects of VoIP calls.

Phone Conference Helps You in Maintaining Regular and Effective Communication

Phone conference has become an important part of today’s communication scenario. Be it business conference or remote meeting or something else; phone conference has become a smart solution. In an effort to interact and communicate with larger number of global audience, voice conferencing plays a major role.

Tips For Using Skype For Business

Skype can be a very valuable tool for businesses today, especially businesses facing high communication costs. If you are tired of paying outrageous fees to manage your business’ communications, you should certainly look into what this affordable communications network can do for you. The following tips for using Skype for business will help you get the most out of this service.

VoIP Phone for Home (2 of 2) – Savings, Service, and Features

Part 2 of 2 discusses home VoIP phone system advantages and features. In addition to savings, VoIP systems offer many benefits to users.

VoIP Phone for Home (1 of 2) – SIP, Softphone, WiFi, and IP

Part 1 of 2 discusses types of home VoIP systems and VoIP phones. These include the softphone, SIP, wireless (WiFi) systems, and IP phones.

Is A Home Video Phone For You?

Digital phone services have begun to overtake traditional home telephone systems. In America, we are now in the process of this switch, providing for the ideal time to take advantage of incredible savings on Internet video phones. Read on to learn how it works. I’ve prepared a free report for you to review with in depth pertinent information (see below).

Selecting Best VoIP Service

Skype, Vonage and Phone Power are the top contenders in the list of best VoIP service providers. However, there are smaller players as well who offer equally unique and economical plans for individual needs – long distance, local or international calls. Read on and learn how you can save on your telephone bills and which providers best fit your requirements.

Enjoy Benefits Of Technology With VOIP

VOIP provides several advantages to the customers as compared to other calling systems. It is an efficient, cost effective and productive methodology for all kinds of businesses and personal communication needs.

It Is All About Cheap Calls – VOIP

As soon as you search the online world for free calling services, you will find a lot of them, there are so many cheap calling along with free calling services all over the world; landlines, calling cards, furthermore much more. After that why use VoIP to make free calls? What is the reason that people are now choosing VoIP? This is an interesting question and many people all over the world desire the answer to this one. Now by means of the advent of the internet the use of VoIP has increased.

Cheap International Calls Lower Your Budget

The most significant thing in some relationship is communication. Humans do not just communicate orally or physically, as is the case by means of most of the animals, they furthermore connect through radio waves and electronic means, such as internet technologies.

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