How to Block Tor Browser with MikroTik Router

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Tor Browser is an alternative to VPN and Web Proxy that breaks blocking firewall rule. If any user installs and uses Tor Browser, he/she can hide the public IP address of router and can unblock blocked websites applied on a network. So, administrators should block Tor Nodes along with other blocking firewall rule. In this video, I will show how to block Tor Nodes with MikroTik Router.
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Facts About VoIP Phone Service

Definitely you’ve heard about VoIP phone service, haven’t you? This is innovation that today’s technology has brought about. Using this new provider, voice conversation has been produced less expensive yet more effective. Gone were the times when we had to endure the phone operator and then wait on hold before number which should be approached has been reached. The modern society has additionally said good bye to the costly bills to cover during international calls. Certainly, voice data has been designed feasible, more clear, and much more hi-tech by using Internet.

VoIP Conferencing Problems and How to Overcome It

VoIP conferencing works this way, your audio information is sent in digital “packets” over the internet, instead of the usual the traditional public telephone network. The drawback of using VoIP is that there is a tendency that farther your message can become distorted as it travels farther. The reason for this is that the audio is being transfer across numerous hubs and routers.

Pros of VoIP Phone System

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephone service has taken the communication world by storm. In fact, when using a VoIP system, you are using the Internet for making telephone calls instead of the conventional phone lines. The advantages of VoIP service are manifold, and it is for this reason that many business houses are opting for VOIP over the traditional telephone access.

VoIP Service – How to Choose the Right One for Your Business?

There are some VoIP users who favor ‘No-monthly bill VoIP service’ and if you wish to avail this type of service, your service provider will send you the required device. With this device in place, you can make unlimited calls without receiving monthly bills.

VoIP – Going Green With Business Phone Systems

Going green has never been easier for businesses. One of the simplest efforts is implementing a communications system that reduces costs, increases efficiency and flexibility, utilizes resources, and helps the environment. Voice over IP (VoIP) technology takes your business there in no time.

The Benefits of VoIP Phone Systems for Businesses

Having a traditional telephony system in an office is obviously a fantastic means of receiving and distributing external and internal calls to all of the staff, but with rising phone bills, installation costs that are often through the roof, and long lead times, traditional telephony is certainly on a moderate decline within the business work place. The thing that is set to be the new solution for business phone systems is voice over IP, or ‘VoIP’ for short. VoIP is an internet-based system that allows for the transmission of calls over the web – with the biggest domestic familiarity being Skype.

IP Telephony Trends and What They Mean For the Future

Explains how IP telephony is moving forward. Also talks about the wider implications for the industry in terms of technology adoption and revenue.

Access The Phone Network From Anywhere

VOIP provides facility to relocate without changing the contact number. It also comes with the facility to access the phone network from anywhere which is of great advantage for any business man or an employ on tour.

IPBX for Anyone

You Don’t need to invest lots of money for your new IPBX. SOHO’s, homes, medium and large companies can now have a full IPBX with all of the major functions such as Automatic Operator, Call Waiting, Follow me, Voice mail, Voice mail to email, and many more. Get your IPBX for as little as $75 USD.

Why Are There So Many Video Phone Skeptics?

7 Great Reasons You Should Want A Video Phone! Do You have an interest in the Video phone and are having trouble sorting through all the hype? This article will sort out what a true video phone is and how it can bring joy to you in many different ways, not only being able to see friends and loved one but to also save you considerably on your phone bills and even get your services for free.

Wireless VoIP Phone – WiFi Phone Systems for Business Or Home

What is a wireless VoIP phone? It’s a phone system for your small business or home that allows for phone calls to be placed over internet protocol (IP) anywhere there is an open wireless network. VoIP and wireless have merged into one system that is opening doors to new voice and data capabilities.

Making The Best Of VOIP Technology!

VoIP is a fast, effective and value-priced way of getting connected with people. For those especially who have to make frequent international interactions can actually benefit a great deal from this high end technology.

Retain The Same Phone Number Even After Relocation With VoIP

VoIP has gained a road because of long list of advantages that it has. The biggest benefit of this type of service is that there is a huge reduction in the telephone bills and secondly one can retain his contact number even if he relocated to the other place. They are highly economical and easy to use.

How Business VoIP Can Save Your Business Money

The idea of communication is not very recent and the fact that a clear communication is the basis of trust and networking is a known philosophy for all. It is therefore, very necessary for the small businesses and the new ones to understand the underlying credibility that can be achieved through clear and efficient lines of communication and the trust that this can build for the company in the market and among clients. Technology has taken flying leaps in the last couple of decades to become a giant monstrosity that has seen development in every field and…

Do You Feel Disconnected From Your Loved Ones?

This article explains the fascinating manner in which you can feel re-connected and in relationship with your friends and family by using digital phone services. It’s simple, it’s very affordable, and most importantly, it works! I will show you how to keep in touch in a personal way you’ve never experienced before by using a simple Internet video phone.

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