How to Block Free Proxy with MikroTik Firewall

Proxy Server is an alternative to VPN that breaks blocking firewall of a network. If any user uses free web proxy server with web browser, the web request is processed by the proxy server. So, blocking firewall rule is not applied on the proxy enabled PC. For this, system administrators should be careful enough to block free proxy servers along with blocking VPN access. In this video, I will show simple tricks to block free web proxy access with MikroTik Router.
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Using VoIP With VPN

Explains the need for using VPN with VoIP systems. Also talks about the issue that arises from using it and recent advances in the field.

Choose Your VoIP Provider After Careful Assessment

Choosing the right VoIP provider requires two essential things – listen carefully: to select the best VoIP provider who need “brains” and “time”! Acquiring services of a VoIP provider is not anything like going for grocery shopping from the nearest food mart; you need time and careful assessment of various VoIP provides in the marker, before finally nodding your head to the right one. Consider the following high crucial points when you’re choosing a VoIP provider and properly teach yourself how to go about this process…

Secured-Video Phone VS Unsecured-Video Phone Communication

The wave of the future is to talk and see the person to whom you are communicating, either local or around the world. This is one of the major advancements in technology. With the world getting more technology savvy, we are losing some of our privacy.

Securing Voice Over IP Phone Systems

In the age of VoIP when data and voice packets travel along the same cyber highway, it is natural that the number security concerns is growing. With more information that can be intercepted, corrupted or accessed unlawfully, hackers have more loopholes than ever to exploit for fun, or personal gain. Those managing IT departments with VoIP systems should therefore do well to ensure that vulnerabilities are patched to minimize threats and mitigate possible effects on data and voice flow should there be attacks.

Common Voice Over IP Issues and Possible Solutions

While VoIP today is considered a stable and reliable technology for personal and business communications, there are still a few kinks here and there. Like all new and evolving technologies, there are still pitfalls that VoIP converts may experience at one time or another. Ranging from minor inconveniences such as compatibility issues to major ones such as misrouted calls, users of VoIP have to occasionally deal with problems that are just as if not more disruptive than the problems associated with a regular ‘legacy’ phone system.

Trixbox 101 – Porting Your Number(S) to a New VoIP Provider

What is porting? To port your number means that you want to take your phone number with you and move to a new VoIP provider. A VoIP phone provider like Vonage, etc does not own your phone-in number once you purchase it. Porting charge may vary from provider to provider but some VoIP providers may agree to waive this fee.

Is Internet Phone Really Worth It? What It Is Being Buzzed About?

You have heard the word around about an internet phone and you have probably seen the ads and read the huge billboards around the city. I am sure someone in your neighborhood would definitely be using a VoIP service. VoIP or in full form known as Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) or an internet phone or is the new digital sensation in the telecommunication world driving huge crowds of people to sign up with a service provider.

A Better Way to Find VoIP Voice Quality Problems Than a Speed Test

Some Internet connections routinely have trouble caused by a vast array of factors. Speed tests are the most abundantly available Internet testing tool. If used properly, they can help determine whether the Internet Service Provider (ISP) is delivering the subscribed bandwidth. However, they are not designed to detect and locate trouble. If you are having problems with an Internet connection, there is a better way.

What Is The Best Video Phone?

An introduction to video phones. How do I know I’m getting the right home video phone for me? I don’t understand what VOIP video phones means. There is so much information to sift through, how can I make a decision?

VoIP Phone Systems for Small Business

If you are a small business looking for a VoIP phone system there are what seems like an endless sea of technology and choices. So how do you know where to start, what questions to ask and what’s the best overall fit for your organization?

Virtual PBX Systems With Advanced Telecommunication Features

The virtual PBX system offers a number of benefits to companies who choose this system. They greatly reduce equipment costs, as all equipment is owned by the host.

Among the Range of VoIP Providers, Who Takes The Crown?

VoIP industry is growing every day, no doubt about that. Any VoIP providers are stepping in the market, maybe even in the time you might finish reading this article. What is making people nuts about it?

VoIP Virtual PBX System – An Affordable Telecommunication System

VoIP virtual PBX system is one of the most sought after office telecommunication solution today. The VoIP virtual PBX system system is entirely web-based.

Home Phone Service – Made Your Checklist?

Nothing is a better medium to stay in touch with family and friends than a home phone service. Keeping communication intact is so important, especially if you are living farther away from loved ones and good friends. Ever since the phone was invented, nothing seems more convenient than a phone to connect you across seven seas.

7 Reasons You Should Be Using Internet Phone

The introduction of Internet phone (or VoIP) services in the late 1990s changed the way businesses and residents will use communication forever. However, there are still many who have yet to use the service, either due to a lack of knowledge or perhaps a poor experience in the early days of VoIP. Fortunately, the majority of the “bugs” of early internet phone service are no more and the few that remain-for the most part negligible and sometime avoidable with a little bit of careful reading and research.

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