How to Add New Domain to BIND DNS Server

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DNS (Domain Name System) Server is an essential part to any computer network. So, it is always suggest keeping a DNS Server in every network. How to configure a DNS Server with BIND package was discussed in my previous video. A common question among the fresher admins of BIND DNS is how to add a new domain to BIND DNS Server. For this, this video is designed to show the proper way to add multiple domains to BIND DNS Server.
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To configure DNS Server:

How to Make Cheap Calls to and From India During the Commonwealth Games Using VoIP

The Commonwealth Games are finally underway in the vibrant city of New Delhi, with all eyes go to India for this year’s games. In only the second time that the games have come to Asia (Kuala Lumpur was the first in 1998), the games finally arrive in India for the first time. Home to 14 million people, thousands of travelling fans from around the globe, flock to see their nations stars go for gold. VoIP is a good solution to calling your relatives and friends over in India and vice versa. This article discusses how you can go about making VoIP calls to and from India.

The Many Faces of the VoIP Business Phone Systems

Many people have heard the term “VoIP,” though they’re not entirely sure what it is. As it becomes more and more popular, however, that will most likely change drastically. VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, is a way to take analog audio signals and transform them into digital data that can be sent via the Internet.

Calling Overseas – Call Overseas and Save Money

There are a variety of methods intended for making cheap overseas phone calls. Several of these can be used from several locations in the world at the similar time as others have limited availability. It has never been easier or more convenient to call overseas from several locations in the world.

The Pros of an Internet Home Phone Service

Do you have access to high speed Internet services? To be precise, do you currently own a broadband Internet service? If you do have access to such a facility then you are a step closer to using the same for really inexpensive home phone service.

The Problem With Telecoms – How Hosted Voice Can Be As Effective and Cost Efficient As Email

Most companies take email for granted these days and it seems to have overtaken the telephone as a method of contact in many spheres. However, on some occasions email is not entirely suitable, for example, when an answer is required urgently.

Best Phone Service

There are so many telephone companies all competing for you business. How can you choose the best one for your needs? I have spent hours upon hours creating a free report for you to read filled with information on the best digital phone service available.

VoIP Must Overcome Challenges Associated With The 7 Communications System Layers

VoIP systems and networking systems are often alike as these technologies originate from legacy circuit-based telephone infrastructure. These communications systems have protocols and layers that govern their implementation. Among these specifications is the Open Systems Interconnection standard developed in 1984, which contains the OSI Reference Model defining the various stages that data must pass through when travelling from one device to another device over a network.

Video Phone Communication With a Bonus Phone Feature

Let me tell you an exciting feature about video phone communication that will make the holidays even more special! You will love it! A video phone is simple to use for face to face communications and offers much more.

Introduction to VoIP For Small Business Use

Small business ventures can really benefit from the advantages of VoIP. In this article we take a look at why this is so and what steps businesses can take.

VoIP Reviews for Small Business Phone Systems

VoIP reviews for small business phone systems is a guide to help you decide what’s right for your business and how you can tap into new technology to save money, gain control and increase efficiency. As businesses struggle to survive we’ll review key areas that can have the most overall impact.

Preparing Your Internet for a VoIP Phone System

VoIP naturally crosses paths with Ethernet systems, the computer networking standard primarily designed for local area networks (LAN). We may not be aware of it but the VoIP telephones we use in the office or the VoIP-enabled Blackberry phone we use on-the-go rely on some form of an Ethernet system to send and receive voice calls.

Internet VoIP – A Perfect Start Up Business Communications Solution

When you start up a small business, the first thing that you want to concentrate on is your communications. Without them, your company will not be able to function. You have options on the market today but several of these options can be pretty costly. That’s why many start ups are turning to Internet VoIP.

Importance of VoIP Phone System

The importance of VoIP phone system lies in its functionality, multiple features and several other advantages including cost-savings. Apart from the standard features like caller ID and call forwarding, VoIP has distinct features such as web mobility, managing of voice mail and facility for conference calls.

Household Telephones – Available With Several New Aspects Now

Home phones are still as popular today as they were in the past. Today, we can see a number of advanced features in these telephones, such as caller ID, VoIP, conference, text messaging etc.

Install World Class Communication Infrastructure Today!

The need of a sophisticated communication infrastructure for networking and telephoning is felt by all organizations today. The different services provided by leading organizations engaged in rendering services pertaining to installation of communication infrastructure are detailed below.

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