Host My Phone HOW TO Wire VOIP To Entire House (Part 1 of 2)

This tutorial is for people that own advantage device. I love the use of vonage for the low cost of calls, of course, and quality seems to be alright. But what bothers me is you have to have it plugged up directly to your phone or close to there’s two lines here that you plug up to two different phones, but this has to be pretty close to your phone, which kind of sucks. So I came up with a little hack for it that will make your Vantage work for your entire house in all your wall plugs so check this out. So the first thing you’re gon na need is of course Vonage second thing, of course, a subscription to it.

Cuz, it has cost so once you have it all hooked up, I’m not gon na go into technical details. How it’s hooked up. You know the blue right here to the internet right here. This is used also as a I guess, router too. So if you wanted to hook up your Vonage to your router to another computer etc, but uh we’re only gon na be messing with line one today, but it is possible to do it for the whole house.

If you have maybe two lines in your house. So what you need is a very long phone cord, so mine is probably about 15-20 feet hanging out the window here. So what you want to do is find the box for your phone from your phone company to distribute it through into your entire house. Now you’re gon na have to find a box on the side of your house. That looks something like this.

Yours will vary depending on your house model and etc. The insides will also vary, but really it’s about the same. So what you’re gon na do you’re just gon na look a little different, most like you’re gon na have one of these plugged into here like so, and then all these cables going in here! Well, you get rid of just about all of that, because you’re not using the phone companies uh line anymore. The phone coming to the line will be located somewhere over here, with the cable going down into the ground or like mine, which is going down into the tube and into the ground, but anyways.

You can try to find your line, which I have to here. Let me zoom in, I have one that goes directly into the wall and I guess up into my house – and I know I have another one and that goes around my house and goes to the downstairs so now I have two separate lines from my house. So what you’re going to need to do is take that long cord from the vantage that you have upstairs and split it open when you split it open you’re, gon na notice that you have four wires, obviously yellow green black and red the colors may vary, but All you have to do is just match them up. So what I did is I split apart the Vonage phone cord that is upstairs and also split apart, the phone cord for the house that will basically used to plug into here to give service to the entire house. So also you would want to verify before doing any of this that uh, you are connecting to the right phone cord, because you don’t know where all the B’s cores are.

It took me a while to find them, but uh try to make sure that uh you are hooking up to the right line like mine. This one goes all the way around the house on the outside of the building sign know it goes downstairs. So what you want to do is connect all these first you’re gon na have caution, have to strip them just make sure you have some kind of means of stripping. If you don’t, you can always use your teeth. It’S not the best way because you might get shocked, but Oh dad, oh yeah, it’s not the best thing.

Do it? What hooked up cuz we’ll give you a little shock, it’s nothing deadly, but it will tingle but anyway, okay, so strip them all. And all you have to do is match up all the colors, something that you feel it’s yellow and I got some tape out here. Some electrical tape to keep everything secure. Let’S go ahead.

Do that I’m sure if you’d be doing it to your house, you’d make it a little bit more secure, little twisty ties and whatnot, but I don’t care as long as it works, not my neighbors leaving so after you secure the yellow move on to the next Club that you see so I miss you yellow and then we see black so much of the black. I want to say that not all the colors are needed for the phone cord, but I’m not sure because it’s different than actual landline, that is advantage VoIP Center might need more, I’m sure if you, google, some some of this you’d get a better answer. But since I have not seen any YouTube videos for this, I decided to show the world how to make Vantage, just a little bit less of a pain in the ass so got two more wires to

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