Hospitality Solutions From Sangoma Technologies | Webinar April 2022

Join us and learn why Sangoma Technologies is the perfect fit for all of your Hospitality needs! In this webinar, we will cover Sangoma endpoints, as well as, Sangoma’s PBXact, and more!

We have everything you need for VoIP!

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Is Hosted VoIP Suited for Residential Use?

Hosted VoIP is great for businesses. But how well does it far for residential use?

Know More About Wholesale Softswitch and Carrier Services

Wholesale softswitch is a carrier-grade switch for Class 4 softswitch. It is particularly designed for small and medium wholesale VoIP carrier providers, who want to develop their wholesale VoIP business with a trustworthy and adaptable stand.

Influential Aspects of a VoIP Switch

VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol telephony provides numerous ways to its users to communicate, even from their home. You can communicate from PC to PC, PC to mobile, and from phone to phone, with your VoIP phone system, while enjoying reduced prices and getting an improved voice quality.

How Softswitch Is Advancing the Telecom Industry

VoIP has achieved a milestone ever since its introduction, because of the consistent communication requirement of business enterprises and corporations. Softswitch is the major component in VoIP technology. It is the central device in the telecommunications network that links phone calls from one telephone line to another. This central device is divided into Class 4 softswitch and Class 5 softswitch.

What Makes VoIP International Calls Cheap?

VoIP calls are famous for cheap international calls. But how does that happen? What’s the underlying technological reason?

Know VoIP Reseller Programs Better

Internet phone service is one among the cost effective means of communication, enabling users to make international calls using either PC or cell phones. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology allows PC to PC calls, PC to landline and even PC to mobile calls, all at nominal rates.

VoIP Systems Vs PBX Systems

VoIP phone systems are all the rage now when it comes to commercial sector. It is not long before when PBX systems were the standard. These systems reported to have the ability to handle the huge telephone requirements of big businesses, while traditional analog setups did not. This made PBX the first choice of businesses. However, that’s transforming with the arrival of VoIP.

What Does VoIP Auditing Involve?

Every organization should periodically take stock of its IT architecture. That includes VoIP as well.

VoIP Recording – How Can It Benefit Your Business?

VoIP recording has many uses. From heading off legal challenges, to improving the quality of your training programs, it’s a huge asset to any business.

The Overview of VoIP Reseller Programs

As the value of VoIP services is increasing, business opportunities for VoIP resellers are rising along with it. People in a large number are switching to IP telephony because of the countless benefits this service brings along. VoIP reseller program is the only means of conveying nominally-priced Voice over IP services by making use of a fast broadband connection.

How VoIP Solutions Are Benefitting Businesses

VoIP that refers to Voice over Internet Protocol can be a reasonable and an efficient way for a business owner to manage communications within the company. The benefits/advantages of VoIP systems are numerous just akin to your company’s phone systems, which are endless in number.

Improve Your Calling Experience With VoIP Technology

When it comes to boosting the quality of business communications, every business owner seeks to install the best possible communication system at nominal costs. The business VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) system has proved to be one among the finest communication technologies.

The Ever Increasing Significance of VoIP Switch Over Traditional Telephony

If you are considering diverse business phone systems for fulfilling your communication demands, then Voice over Internet Protocol can certainly be a great option. There are various considerable factors that should prompt you to favor business VoIP switch over all other telephone systems.

VoIP Reseller Programs Allow Cheap International Calling

To stay alive in a world of sophisticated communication, one must keep looking for new opportunities. While talking about the newest opportunities in the communication industry, with a lesser amount of investment, the VoIP reseller profile has gained more acclaim as compared to any other profile.

Discover the Benefits of Becoming a VoIP Reseller

Nowadays, VoIP solutions have resolutely established by residents. The need for quality and fully featured VoIP hardware is increasing with every passing day. Most of us are looking for opportunities to operate a home-based business. One among these business opportunities is becoming a VoIP reseller. Below we will discuss the advantages of becoming a reseller.

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