Hikeren Outdoor Solar Floodlight Review and Demo

Hikeren outdoor solar floodlight review. In this video, I’ll be showing you a new solar floodlight I just got. This one would be great to put inside a building or place with less sunlight as it has a cord that can be put outside to charge.

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Fully charged in 6.5h, 4400mAh battery lights up for 18h, fast and absolute absorption of solar energy. The solar panels and lights are connected by 16.4 feet of cables. Using 180° adjustable solar panels and lamp holders, the installation position is not limited, just ensure that the solar panels can absorb direct sunlight.

The solar panel absorbs the sun’s rays and generates electricity, and can work automatically without electricity. Our polysilicon solar panels can convert up to 20% of sunlight into electricity, ensuring long-lasting standby time.

The solar light is made of high-impact ABS plastic and has made a huge technological breakthrough in waterproof level. The outdoor solar light has a unique IP65 waterproof design, which can withstand all kinds of bad weather. It is more durable than other outdoor solar lights with lower waterproof ratings.

30 high-power LEDs, with a 180-degree motion angle, provide excellent lighting and turn a dark space into a bright space.

The solar security wall lamp has obtained appearance patents and certifications issued by FCC, CE, ROSH.MSDS, UN38.3, etc., providing you with all-round protection: 30 days full refu^d *12 months warranty * 24 hours customer service.

Solar lights are an excellent option for outdoor lighting. They work by absorbing sunlight and causing electrons to be excited. The energy produced is converted to electricity, reducing pollution and promoting a smoother traffic flow. These lights are ideal for night-time use, as they are safe and ensure the safety of the people in the community. Here are some of the benefits of solar lighting. These include: You won’t have to worry about electricity bills — and you’ll save on your energy bill!

Solar lighting has many other benefits, including improving the appearance of the outdoors. The best way to enjoy your backyard is to install solar-powered lights. You can use them on the front and back of your property. Once you know where to place them, they will enhance the beauty of your home and outdoor space. There are numerous options for placing solar-powered lights. To see all of the benefits of installing solar-powered lighting, keep reading!

Another benefit is that they don’t require electrical installation. Because you don’t need a mains power supply, they are safer than traditional lights. Plus, they don’t have any buried cables or electrical wires. If you’re installing them in a garden, you can install them the same day you purchase them. There are many other benefits of solar lights that make them a great choice for outdoor lighting. You can also choose to install these lights indoors, in a basement or garage, or in your yard.

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