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Are VoIP Phone Systems Reliable? (Part 2)

What is the reliability factor of a hardware versus software based VoIP solution? Can the architecture of a IP system affect uptime and availability? Is there a solution that takes into account the differences between a centralized vs. a distributed architecture making reliability much more achievable?

VoIP – Initial Setup Costs

Find out what infrastructure requirements are necessary for implementing VoIP in your organization. As with everything else about VoIP, there is a great deal of flexibility.

Are VoIP Phone Systems Reliable – Part 3

All VoIP phone systems are dependent and the reliability of the customer’s current network infrastructure. With most networks not meeting the level of availability set by telecommunication standards redundancy is a key component to maintaining reliability. No investment in IP is complete without looking at a quality maintenance plan.

Reworking the Telephone Number Using VoIP

For decades, the telephone number has served as the alternative identity for people. But as its limitations become increasingly clear, there is a need for an alternative based on VoIP.

The VoIP Video Phone Has Transformed Communication In Business

Today, unified business communications solutions depend on a VoIP video phone. The world has become so fast-paced that many businesses now need a way of reaching their workforce when they are on the move.

Use VoIP to Cut Your Phone Costs Dramatically

The internet revolution can be used to benefit the world of telecommunications too and can be used to connect with people located all over the world. VoIP is a technology that makes use of specific instruments to make affordable calls through the internet.

How IP Call Centers Improve Customer Satisfaction

Most companies today have no idea that they have a call center operating within its organizations walls. It may be the accounting department, the payables department, the sales department, the customer service department. You get the idea. They may even have remote employees that are or can be a part of this very powerful communication tool. Initial call experience and being able to reach the correct person when a call is received is paramount with today’s heavy influx of concerned or inquiring callers. They want to speak to the right person who can give them the satisfaction they are looking for now, not later. This is more critical to a company’s customer service perception than ever before with competition for the customer dollar being ever more intense.

What Are The Advantages Of A VoIP Video Phone?

VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol is a term that refers to a range of transmission technologies. As a result of these technologies, video and voice communications become possible over the Internet.

Keeping Your VoIP Phones Up-To-Date

A dedicated VoIP phone is more like a computer than a traditional telephone device. It’s important to keep it updated and to ensure that it is regularly patched.

A Brief VoIP Video Phone Quick Reference Guide

Telephone users who have been using the same old analog telephone for almost ages feel quite excited about switching to a brand new VoIP video phone. Luckily, these video telephonic devices happen to be quite easy to set up and install.

Free VoIP Calls With Android Apps

Free calls are not new, probably most of you have used more than once Skype from your PC or Mac. In Android there are three major customers that allow us to make free VoIP calls, Tango, Viber and Skype.

Open Your Business Doors for Hosted PBX Services

Hosted PBX services have the capability to revolutionize even a small business organization. With its advanced calling features even a one room company can represent itself as a multinational firm. The call rates are very reasonable and call quality is really high.

Communication Supply – Starting Your VoIP Platform

Businesses nowadays are looking into VoIP technology to reduce their overhead cost, indeed VoIP is a cost effective mechanism when compared to traditional telephony, however most business tend to overlook some important aspect of the platform and merely concentrate on finding a good service provider. It is important to find a good service provider but it is not all that there is, you should also be able to secure a reliable internet connection with minimal jitters, delay and lag since it is the bread and butter of the call quality. Also despite having a few communication supplies needed it…

Why You Shouldn’t Use a Tier 1 Provider for VoIP Services

It may be tempting to obtain VoIP service from a telecom company that owns the network over which it is delivered. But you expose yourself to lock in, non-standardization and poor customer service.

How Far Can Hosted PBX VOIP Carry an Exponential Growth Graph?

The state of market growth of Hosted PBX VOIP has been increasing at a dramatic rate since 2011. The major reasons backing the growth include integration with POTS, ISDN, unified communication, etc. SIP trunk is crowned as the highest growing benefit in the field of telecommunication in the business world today. The rise is expected to be greatest by the end of 2017.

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