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Hi Joe Hi William hi nice to meet you when did You first time to know Huawei clouds Well I've known about Huawei for a long Time of course and I would guess like Three years ago or so I heard about Huawei Cloud oh this is just three years I think that it's a a long time we have Uh have a globally we have over uh 20 27 27 regions and covered about 17 line Ideas covered more than 170 countries And now high clouds is the one of top Five Cloud providers Foreign [Music] We have a launched a white paper Striding towards intelligent words and In these white papers we have talked About the the trends of the cloud Technology Cloud market and also show Some flowers inside how I've thought About about clouds And I believe you have read these white Papers you have some comments or your Thoughts about uh the the white papers Uh I do Um so first of all it's a very Comprehensive white paper What I liked about it is it's almost Like the cloud computing Encyclopedia in a way because it has so Much information in it including Frameworks for things like security and Machine learning and application

Modernization and moreover what it does That I really liked is that it starts in Each section with some Trends and issues And concerns it also includes practical Not just suggestions but detailed Recommendations as to how to think about The problems and what the essential Elements are to actually fix them or Take advantage of them we think that the Clouds will be the digital Foundation we Believe that also this kind of Technology it's not just the uh just the Uh for the we say for some kind like Internet business but also for the Verticals like the transportation energy Even for the public affairs we think That through this kind of cloud Foundation area verticals every Enterprise since they can get the latest Technology from the from this kind of Cloud cloud platform this can help them To accelerate the process to do this Conditional transformation that's why we Have this kind of white paper for why Have these white papers to show what the Technology Trends how to use the cloud For them Foreign Yeah no I I agree that that's absolutely Essential you've got to look at it as You know using Cloud for insurance Against you know major issues in terms Of volatility Um or uncertainty or demand spikes or

However you want to describe it but also You know that it can be a matter of Survival because you know how many Newspapers have gone out of business Because they didn't realize that digital Technology was a not only cheaper but Also better more flexible substitute for Their Core Business Thank you I'm sure you've seen examples where Companies you know your your customers Either in China or around the world Um have had opportunities and or Problems if they didn't correctly apply Those you you must have some examples Right I would like to show uh examples Uh if the scientists want to find new Medicine how to do the treatment for the New virus it's a very difficult so if They want to find this kind of a new Medicine normally now we said it's a Meat compound medicine but this kind of Compound medicine you need to find the Candidate medicine but this candida Medicine is low money In most cases is not exists in the word In natural world so you need to find the New medicine find the new medicine is Very difficult and based on our this Kind of AI pre-trained our pre-training Mode now you can learn all the existed Maximum molecular and cooler this kind Of molecular structure is about 1.7 billion so use AI to lanes and then

The AI learn the behavior learn the Structure these details of the the 1.7 Billion they can new build uh candidate Medicine database and in this candidate Medicine database all the medicine is The new medicine or the molecular is the New so when the scientists they won't Find the new medicine you can just use The AI through this kind of database From this candidate basis and do the do The this kind of a pest you can see this Process will help the scientists to Quick Accelerate from a 1.7 billion some Scientists may use the AI pre-trained Mode to to reduce their process from Several years to several months I think This kind of cloud technology have Disruptive technology they can change Something there's so much in like the Last few statements that we could Probably spend a day talking about it You know first of all it's a great use Case for scalable Cloud resources to Begin with so being able to rent Resources for a short amount of time is Fantastic for these kinds of research And development Discovery Innovation Types of processes as well as Peaks and You know normal day-to-day operations The second thing that Computing Technology is becoming so Advanced Together with you know tools available In terms of machine learning thing that

We're able to do those kinds of analysis And 3D models for protein folding or Molecular Dynamics and that's something Just amazing right if the technology Combined with the knowledge some new Things some creative scenes where we Have basically if you look at what Enterprises are trying to do whether They're business to business or business To Consumer There are many similarities across Verticals or subverticals right you know If you delve down in teach industry Obviously there are lots of different Challenges you kind of have to have both All the common things in terms of Physical infrastructure flexibility Scalability and you also need to have Knowledge across different verticals and Not just knowledge but also compliance For cloud provider point of view what we Want to do is not till we will put Everything as a service to make our Customers to use the technology As easy as simple as possible we have Over 100 000 r d engineers and every years we put A lot of Investments for the r d so we Try to use the cloud platform to open This kind of Technology skill to our Customers and what we said is like the Infrastructure service technology as a Service we try to open it what we Believe that we cannot just said

Technology or service but must like Expertise a service so not only just put Huawei's and practice always technology Or approach our our customer our Partners Leo best practice put on cloud Platform and also through this kind of Car platform our customers they can Learn some best practice with benefits Uh have a good healthy and sustainable And this kind of cloud ecosystem uh Joy I also read your books about Cloud Luminess I think you even like other Other leaders in these areas you not Only just mentioned the cloud itself but You also mentioned like the network Latency scale So why using this one is important and Do you have some kind of a suggestion to Uh to Huawei there's obviously lots of Small companies that have Innovative Technologies that then maybe can be Factored into something and you know can Be very useful and maybe they'll be Acquired by the larger company To my mind what's interesting to me About Huawei is that I don't think There's any analogs that both Manufacture handsets right all the way Up to run cloud services and you know Provide the vertical industry expertise Obviously there are many very capable Companies that started in the cloud or Have evolved to the cloud and one of the Things that I think is really

Interesting about you just from a Competitive strategy perspective is that You are what we would call One-Stop Shopping for this broad range of Solutions that are required to create a Complex architecture I agree that this Cloud is a complex and the comprehensive This network is very complicated So if Cloud providers want to provide a Good best cloud service must have this Kind of rubber tip understanding not Only about the software but also about The hardware the OS and also from the Server storage Network you must have This comprehensive understanding and Experience for all this area then you Can have the best appearance to the Customers and I also want to emphasize Nets and that's why for Huawei now for Us Not just like uh the the r d Engineers From Huawei Cloud but there are the Engineers from the Huawei to uh together To build this kind of cloud platform if Cloud providers and they want to provide This kind of extreme Experience to the customer definitely It's not a easy job they must have what We say that the experience for both Clouds Network Edge and terminals as an Enterprise customer you just want one Partner ideally that can bring together Tested components you know has Experience in the industry and basically

Makes life simple and and low risk too Foreign [Music] In Singapore for the digital Bank the Bank may have a very strict requirement About reliability so if they use the Traditional way at least they will find Three data centers to do the redundancy And based on the data centers they will Buy a lot of hardware and the firewall Systems software systems if need buy all The things they will take more than two Or three years But let's just use the clouds they don't Need to fight build the data centers They don't need to build the security Systems and they don't need to build Their own software systems they just use Cloud service just 11 months to build Power Systems To rent the rental service now it's open So what do you think that for digital Transformation or use clouds what kind Of main challenging for them We have to talk about digital Transformation as a concept and in some Cases you know patching an operating System they call digital transformation You know in other cases they say Building a mobile app you know that's Digital transformation and you know to An extent those all are but to me where It gets really exciting is when there's A comprehensive transformation that

Begins with the customer experience and A strategic orientation towards that Experience we're going to rethink the Way that digital Technologies and mobile Technologies may enable an entirely new Approach actually the example you gave Earlier of kind of scientific discovery In the medical field is a good example Of that we want to either make the Change easy for the customer the Employees the partners and or create Enough value in that transformation that It's worth it people move to do things You know digitally but if it doesn't add Any value then it's just it's a waste of Time and money to me it really begins Digital transformation begins not with Digital it begins with transformation I can't agree with you anymore in these Years we met a case it's a coal mine When the people want to find that find The core they must go underground about 200 or 300 meters at least the ground They want to find a new way that try to Reduce The the people from the underground they Can make the operations from the ground To do the remote control remote Management but when we talk with Huawei We want to to introduce some AI Technology to help them so if you want To do remote control you must have Something to find what happened in the Ground this needs the AI technology but

The problems in that from Huawei side we Know AI but we didn't know The operation process we do not know the Machine for the coal mine and the expert For the coal mine company they know all The things from themselves we think that For the cloud providers point of view we Need to find a way to help our customers To use the AI technology to use some of The new technology For the AI pipelines The software development development Pipelines the digital content pipelines The data governance pipelines to help The customers help our customer try to Reduce the gap of technology and try to Reduce the gap of technology to help to Them to use it as in this is a very Important I also believe that now the Clouds the Aerials If we want to Accelerate the digital transformation Have our customers to successful we must Reduce the Gap yeah I know your point is Well taken you have the need which Includes the customer Journey you know Their internal processes you know Exactly like the right thing is bring Them together so you partner to Leverage The expertise and the knowledge and the Creativity you know where it exists and You know certainly being able to Um craft packages of solution elements That can be recombined across different

Customers within an industry or across Industries you know is a way to also Reduce the cost while accelerating the Pace of innovation and you as I Mentioned the very interesting case you Have compound to put the money in in in Your house or put the money in a bank Which one is much safe when we talk About safety you know you've got to Think about what are the different Threat vectors Um you know and in many cases uh cloud Provider is going to do a lot better Certainly than a smaller medium Enterprise somehow at one hand you need To have a good technology good product To guarantee the security on other hands Uh we always said that the security 30 Percent before the construction a good Security systems And other 70 percent is for the security Operation so you need just now A lot of this kind of security attacks Like the doors this kind of attack and These kind of things Is a dynamic New York's agree systems You must have a good policy good Dynamical plan to try to find the good Solutions to handle all kinds of Security attacks to guarantee the Student's reliability so I think maybe In the future more and more Our customers will be confident and Comfortable that you use the cloud

Service Go back to the bank analogy you know it Doesn't help to have guards if the walls Are made of paper security architecture In place in terms of you know the Physical higher the physical Hardware The firewall settings a zero trust Architecture honey pots encryption Whatever it may be then also you need to Have the best practices which evolve Every second right you know with zero Day threats people find new things and You know they need to be patched as Quickly as possible based on machine Learning and based on the scale to Detect anomalies and then the ability to You know deter Um and or block threats from happening So yeah so I agree with you it's very Complex and there's many dimensions that Are both you know physical and Operational and human involved Foreign [Music] What's the relationship between the Application modernization and the Digital transformation that's you know Real digital transformation not applying A patch or you know updating to the Latest version of an OS or something Like that but real transformation you Have to Rethink the application architecture we Know that for digital

Uh digital technology digital Transformation uh which vertical use This kind of uh technology the most this Should be the internet it doesn't matter If the social network or gaming or Online participants Layer app layer applications they can do They can launch learn new version every Day new function every minute every Second like you said micro microservice Contains this kind of new structure to Help them to build a agile and a Flexible software architecture to make Their applications more flexible Uh time to the market more fast as this Is the key and at the same time next Since uh we need to try to help our Developers to code it more faster more Easy that's why I think for the Application modernization they also need Build capability for the low code and The no code this kind of process for Them to help maybe one day everyone will Be the Developers You know flexibility and Agility is very Different obviously than the traditional Approaches the waterfall development Model when you first make the word cloud Lomix you have to do a lot of forecast Or definition about the about the clouds So if considering the next 10 years Do we have some of this kind of insight Or forecast I predicted the rise of the edge the

Cloud you know in the extended sense of Cloud plus Edge Plus device it should be Completely autonomic and able to Determine what it needs to do with Things like you know Ai and Federated AI Or Federated machine learning you want To be able to do more and more at the Edge but you also need to do a lot in The cloud because that's where you have Massive data sets that's where you may Have very complex applications that are All working together that don't belong In an underpowered device at the edge When the first time the clouds these Words emerged and they have one example Sets the cloud must be like the Electricity Yeah I think uh for last 10 years last 10 years in somehow we have already Realized it I think in the next 10 years We still need everyone it doesn't matter It's old or young it doesn't matter in Which country is in which region they Can use the cloud Self Service very easy They can use all the technology from the Clouds I hope that this will be happens That clouds should be the foundation of The digital transformation for the Intelligent world the most important Things that we try to help all the People all the Enterprise or all the Countries to use the clouds easy and Simple as in this world everywhere Happens the cloud and intelligence will

Ubiquitous all of the regions there's a There's a straightforward construct Right which is there's you know a Competition all over the world Regardless of what industry you're in And then from there It's not just digital but digital is Obviously a critically important part of Rethinking your approach to a Marketplace and then being able to you Know leverage your existing Infrastructure and tools and modify it On an agile basis with a whole you know Defsecops type of approach that I think That uh in one day that's Clouds is important but the water of the Utility of the electricity but and also Use the cloud with a simple as we use The water using electricity yeah okay Yeah we're very much aligned William so It's a pleasure Yeah thank you thank you Joe yeah

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