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Get an inside look at why Grandstream is a one-stop-shop for all of your VoIP needs and more! See what Grandstream has to offer, including IP PBX’s, Carrier-grade IP Phones, Webcams, headsets, and more!

We have everything you need for VoIP!

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Taxing VoIP to Prop Up Dying PSTN Services

VoIP has been in the spotlight for some time now. Competition with VoIP has lowered the revenue of PSTN services and legislators want to cut this gap.

What Can You Do With the Magic Jack?

The Magic Jack is a product on the market that cuts out the phone company but you still need an internet company. The information given is useful for anyone wanting to get a Magic Jack.

Benefits of VoIP Business Communication

Availing a VoIP service offers key benefits for your business communication, such as cost effectiveness and portability. Given the fact that communication plays a core role in your business, bolstering your business communication eventually plays a key role in the operational maintenance and even boosting of your business as a whole.

VoIP Service Features That Make Your Telephony Business Exemplary

If you own a telephony business, reliable and superb quality wholesale VoIP services are essential to provide uninterrupted services to your customers. While choosing your service provider, you should take account of important cost saving features that give you a robust network, A-Z termination, multi-path routing and much more.

Wholesale VoIP: Providing A Cutting Edge To Your Business Over Others

A quality VoIP service gives a boost to your business communication, thereby giving a boost to your business as a whole, as communication plays a key role in your business. Therefore it is always a good idea to approach an efficient wholesale VoIP service provider to enjoy a perfect and uninterrupted service, as it will take your communication infrastructure to a significant high, making all the interactions and dealings both so powerful and smooth. At the same time the communication cost will come down so low, making it a double gain for you.

Reap the Benefits of VoIP Service

Are you tempted by the benefits you hear VoIP service offers, but are afraid to utilize UIP business phones because you’re afraid your sound quality will suffer? You don’t have to worry. With this service, you can be assured the best sound quality possible – and a lot of other features, too, that you normally have to pay an arm and leg for with international analog system. Take a look.

How VoIP Benefits Your Business

If you’ve got a business, business VoIP service can have significant benefits for you. IP phones for business are cost-effective, flexible, and reliable. It’s less expensive than similar landline service.

Is VoIP Ready for Prime Time?

VoIP has been around for a while. Are we ready to ditch our regular PSTN phones yet? Find out what still needs to be done.

SIP Trunks and SIP Trunking Providers

People who are accustomed to paying high phone bills for either their cell phone or landline, especially when making long distance and international calls, are surely among the primary group interested in new technologies for voice communication like VoIP, which stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. VoIP allows users to call others over the internet at a much more affordable cost than traditional phone services. Computer to computer calls using VoIP services are completely free of charge.

Telephone Numbers Act As the “Bridge” Between VoIP Phones

Most VoIP phones sit in isolation from the rest of the world. The PSTN system is the only bridge between most devices because of the way people use their phones.

Telecommunication – Connecting People

What is going to be the scenario if there would be no telecommunication in this generation? I couldn’t imagine how miserable life would be without internet, radio and television or cable networks, VoIP, mobile phones or landlines. Indeed, telecommunication plays a very vital role to connect people from around the globe in an instant and make everyday living pleasurable and productive.

An Awesome Low Cost Way of Making and Receiving Phone Calls

One of the foremost frustrating things concerning doing analysis is that the all the misinformation out there. The internet phone isn’t totally different. There are numerous advertisements in your face. It will become tough to weed them out. Read on learn more about the digital phone and its benefits…

Get a Free SIP Account

Not many people understand what an SIP address is and what they can do with it. They might know it has something to do with VoIP, but not how it can really benefit them. Neither do they understand how it works. Let’s clear all that up in this article.

VoIP – Answers to Your Questions

What is VoIP, or voice over Internet protocol? Have you ever heard of VoIP, or “voice over Internet protocol”? VoIP is technology that turns analog audio signals into digital data that can then be transmitted over the Internet.

The Difference Between VoIP and PBX

Although VoIP phone systems are all the rage now when it comes to business, it wasn’t too long ago that PBX phone systems were the standard. They had the capability to handle the massive telephone needs of big business, while traditional analog setups (those relegated to households) did not. This made PBX the darling of big business. However, that’s changing with the advent of VoIP.

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