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SIP Trunking – Benefits and Advantages

You might be wondering why many businesses are using a SIP trunk these days rather than a traditional telephone trunk line, well for starters the technology is utilized mainly because of its cost reduction nature and better growth capabilities compared to the latter. On average businesses are saving up to 50% on their telecommunication cost without the long return of investments that most business solutions have.

Relocate Easily With VoIP

The unique features of the Internet allow VoIP to have an unparalleled flexibility. This includes easily moving around when keeping your essential communications intact.

SIP Trunking – Are You Ready to Move Forward?

It is quite a norm for businesses to have an IP PBX in place for their phone systems however only a handful of businesses can say that they are using the system in its full potential and often times if you talk about telecommunication to a business owner all they can is how it is burning their budget with ridiculously high calling charges and line rentals. Luckily that burden is about to become an obsolete matter of the past.

SIP Trunking – The New Age of Phone Systems

Are you tired of paying ridiculously high phone bills every month? For far too long now businesses are bound to pay phone bills reaching to thousands of dollars on conventional phones and it seems that you have no choice because every business needs a communication platform, however this is fairly untrue. Technological innovations today paved way for smarter and more affordable communication platform and companies around the world are slashing their bills by up to 50% just by deploying the system.

Is a VoIP Landline Phone Better Than a Soft Phone?

With so many different VoIP phones on the market, will you know which one to choose? Specifically, is a wired dedicated VoIP phone better than a third party soft phone?

SIP Trunking – Making Sense of Your Hosted PBX

Deploying a hosted PBX system for your business is by itself beneficial already, with tons of features to handle calls coupled with management features a hosted PBX is undoubtedly a blessing for businesses, however did you know that you can make better use of it by coupling it not with a traditional telephone trunk line but rather with a SIP trunk? SIP trunking is another proprietary of VoIP technology and by far the fastest growing sector of the industry, if hosted PBX is the phone system then a SIP trunk is the mechanism that propagates the connection…

Hosted IP PBX Solutions and Just How It Can Improve Your Company Processes

Improving your business workflow and communications is possible through hosted IP PBX solutions. Look for businesses offering this service and give your company the competitive edge in your field.

SIP Trunking – Choosing the Best Service Providers

With the many benefits of SIP trunking many business owners are swapping their conventional telephone trunk line for one. However it is still imperative that you choose a good provider like in any service that you acquire. The technology itself might be flawless but still the deployment differs from a service provider to another so never jump into purchasing one without doing your homework.

SIP Trunking – Tips to Maximize Savings

Countless businesses are now using a SIP trunk instead of the traditional telephone trunk line because of the savings and benefits that it can provide. Already businesses can save an average of 50% on their telecommunication bills simply by using the technology; however you can further boost your savings by making the right decisions in deploying a SIP trunk platform.

SIP Trunking Simplified

The technology of SIP trunking may sound a bit overwhelming but the truth is the concept is very easy to understand and pretty much everything you need to know about it is self explanatory, there are just a few considerations to bear in mind and you can enjoy its money saving benefits in an instant. How it works To make everything as simple as possible, a SIP trunk diverts your phone calls through the internet instead of using bundles of physical copper wires and uses no PRI (primary rate interface) and less PSTN…

SIP Trunks – Saving Money on Multiple Phone Lines

Phone lines or phone channels is the termed use to determine the number of concurrent phone calls a certain number can accommodate, it varies depending on the size of the business but generally traditional telecommunication companies will oblige to pay for a line for each extension you have leading to incredibly high phone bills every month. A SIP trunk or Session Initiation Protocol is another branch of VoIP technology and by far is the fastest growing because of its ability to cut phone bills into half. How?

Moving to HD Voice Communications

After decades of stagnation, the telecommunication world is finally ready to move to HD voice. Find out how VoIP is able to offer this.

The Past and Present of the PBX System

PBX used to be a very popular telephony system in the commercial sector a decade ago. Almost all businesses, big or small, would have a Private Branch Exchange system which is commonly known as the PBX. This telephony system allows businesses to enjoy many phone lines to cater to the rampant calls that could lead to sales and revenue.

How to Ring More Than 16 Phones at a Time!

How to ring more than 16 phones in a ShoreTel Hunt Group? Can’t say that we recommend this strategy, but none the less, we continue to see business applications in which the client insists on ringing a group of 16+ phones simultaneously! In ShoreTel, HUNT groups and WorkGroups have a limitation of 16 members per group if you want to ring them simultaneously.

Comparing PBX With VoIP Systems

The Private Branch Exchange system or PBX was rampantly used in the last decade as the solution to business prosperity. The telephony system allowed many lines to be put through to the company at one source giving a good control over its telephony connections. Employees were easily located in any department with pagers for those in the field. However, technology brought in waves of changes in the telephony arena. It is now time to consider an upgrade of last decade’s telephony system with the latest technological offering.

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