Grandstream New Products | Webinar June 2022

Don’t fall behind on the latest releases from Grandstream! Tune in to this webinar and learn what new products Grandstream Networks has recently released. Also, get an inside scoop on what products are on the way!

We have everything you need for VoIP!

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Legal Firms Cut Costs, Increase Results With VoIP

Capitalize on your initial VoIP investment and get the most value possible by using these tools properly. Most professionals focus keenly on their field with little or no thought about the common tools they use every day. Key features are often overlooked and sometimes making the time commitment for training isn’t seen as important as it should be.

VoIP and UC – What’s the Difference?

Both UC and VoIP share the same base. Internet based communications. So what’s the difference between the two?

VoIP Customer Retention – What’s the Key?

The rate of customer loss in VoIP is very high. Here are a few strategies to improve customer retention.

Choosing the Right VoIP Service Providers for Your Business

VoIP service providers can offer a substantial savings to many businesses. However, it can be difficult to find the one that is most reliable, cost effective and that has great quality.

Hosted VoIP – Changing the Business Communications Landscape

Every day, companies all across America are trying to accomplish the same thing to improve their businesses. Whether you’re a typical “Mom and Pop” SMB, a mid-size business with 250 employees or a Fortune 100 enterprise, you all share the same four basic goals. 1) Reduce costs.

How Does “Firefox Hello” Work?

Firefox is leading the way with WebRTC. A VoIP protocol that allows video calls without any kind of plugins or software necessary – just your browser.

Why You Should Obtain a Virtual Phone Number for Your Online Business

Opening an online store or selling any type of online services is a great decision in a nowadays declined economy. As an eCommerce entrepreneur you will dedicate yourself to your exclusive, privately owned and newly established business with a strong virtual presence. In order to support its functioning and give a lead to all the operations activities needed, you should be on-the-go, but always in touch. How is it possible to cover all the customers’ inquiries, respond to partnership offers or sort out issues with vendors or potential buyers, when you are the only manager of the on-line enterprise?

The Text-Telephony Waiver

The transition to IP networks has raised a host of problems for telcos. One such example is “Text-Telephony” or TTY.

Features of a Good Headset

Millions of people all over the world communicate with one another everyday either through phone calls, chats, mails or any other means. Communication or phone calls is best enjoyed when both the sender and the receiver can hear themselves clearly, without missing out on any important information. These days, with the increase in call rates from network providers, there is need to look for a cheaper alternative that will save cost while you have the chance to talk more as well.

How to Use a Virtual Landline Phone Number for Your Better Business Credibility

Getting leads and prospects are the main part of every businesses target. When running a business, there is always a threat of not reaching enough customers to cover your operational and marketing expenses. Those who tend to visit your webpage often do not go any further, and those who request information, often get quiet after the ordinary email reply by the customer service representative. What if the prospect, expressing an interest with a touch of a doubt, would be able to pick up a phone and call you directly to clear up his questions?

Why Host a VoIP Switch?

If you are looking to go into the VoIP industry with little upfront investment, a good option would be to host a VoIP switch. Hosting a VoIP switch means that the software is not in the same place as where the service is being performed, you will provide your services from your office but the VoIP switch itself will be somewhere else. This could also be useful is you want to try out the VoIP industry but are not sure of it – with a hosted VoIP switch you can become a VoIP reseller without being bound…

VoIP Patents – A Powerful Shaping Force

As all technology, VoIP is made or broken by patents. They determine who can make what, and how much each individual product and service costs.

Calculating VoIP Bandwidth

Making the bandwidth calculations for VoIP is easy. You just need to know the various factors.

A Few Advantages Of IP Phones

People need to communicate and interact in every field of life. The most attractive and easiest means of the communique is vocal communication. For exchanging opinions and talking through voice, several devices have been introduced based on different technologies.

Integrating VoIP With Web Apps

VoIP has gone far beyond a mere replacement for phone calls. It now integrates with web applications to provide a much more sophisticated communication solution.

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