Grandstream GWN Series WiFi 6 | Webinar April 2022

Are you ready to upgrade to WiFi 6? Find out why businesses are making the switch, and how Grandstream’s GWN series of access points can help your business run more efficiently!

We have everything you need for VoIP!

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Switch to the Newest Telecom Advancement, Softswitch

Softswitch includes a database of end users and phone numbers. If a softswitch does not have the information you require, it transfers the appeal to other softswitches till the time it locates the one that can answer that appeal. Once the software locates the end user, it finds the current IP address of the device adjoined with the user in a similar sequence of appeals as mentioned above.

Is True Crypto VoIP Possible?

True crypto VoIP renders a VoIP call completely impermeable to third parties. But is such a mechanism even possible for calls that go outside the network?

With the Moto G, Can Republic Wireless Finally Be a Real Threat to Established Carriers?

The Moto G is a relatively inexpensive phone and sports many features one has come to expect from high end devices. But is it enough to make Republic Wireless a true alternative to traditional calling?

VoIP Network Architecture

The quality of the network and its architecture plays a huge role in the reliability of a VoIP system. So what works best?

Why Softswitch Is a Boon for Telecom Network

Softswitch is an essential component of the Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology. It performs like a control switch, which is utilized to control the connections at the connecting point of the traditional Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) and VoIP networks. Softswitch is utilized for making a junction by connecting the Public Switched Telephone Networks to Internet Networks and managing traffic. This technology is based on Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) and is fully compatible with the advanced VoIP technology.

Role of Softswitch in VoIP Network

A softswitch, in very simple words, is a device that originates the communication from one point to another, usually when there are multiple points to select from. A softswitch allows incorporation of diverse protocols in the Next Generation Networks (NGN).

Why VoIP Switch Is a Better Option

VoIP technology is constantly growing in both commercial and residential areas. VoIP switch is a software platform enabling quick VoIP services. It holds all required components needed for successful execution of various VoIP services.

How Becoming a Reseller Can Benefit You?

In the telecommunications industry, development and modernization is something that occurs consistently. This is the reason behind the constant growth in the VoIP services.

Google’s Native Client Plugin and WebRTC

Google is on a mission to eliminate browser plugins. But how reachable is this goal?

WebRTC Signaling – What’s the Best Protocol?

WebRTC can be used with a variety of signaling protocols. But which one is best?

Softswitch – The Newest Innovation in Switching

Softswitch is the heart of Voice over Internet Protocol networks. It acts like a control switch used to control the connections at the linking point of traditional public switched networks and VoIP networks. A softswitch is fully compatible with the modern technology and networks, and handles the IP to IP communication.

VoIP Reseller Business

VoIP technology is rapidly replacing traditional phone lines as the first choice for a communication protocol for residents and corporate houses. With a significant rise in the number of VoIP users, business possibilities have flourished for entrepreneurs and small scale corporate houses, which want to take advantage of mass, have moved to latest and faster technologies.

Softswitch Device for Business Communication

The revolution in the web world has led to numerous transformations in the telecom industry. Along with an increased demand across the globe, the industry has even seen numerous technological advancements that have facilitated faster and more efficient communication.

VoIP Reseller and Its Benefits

Becoming a VoIP reseller is certainly an ideal option for all those, who are seeking to find a simple way to begin an advantageous and rapidly-developing business. Wholesale VoIP service providers have introduced entirely distinctive and feature-rich VoIP reseller programs.

VoIP Router Considerations

VoIP routers come in all sizes and specifications. Which ones are the best, and is there a difference between enterprise routers and home based ones?

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