Getting Started with Firebase 9 #4 – Firestore Setup & Fetching Data

Hey gang, in this firebase 9 tutorial I’ll show you how to setup & connect to a firestore database and fetch data once from a collection.

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How to Fix a Broken Vacuum Cleaner Power Cord

A quality vacuum cleaner is a substantial purchase for most consumers. Even the highest quality vacuum cleaner will need repairs at some point in its life time. One of the more common repairs for aging vacuums is cord replacement. Vacuum power cords are stretched, twisted and dragged all around the house and eventually the cord will start to look like a bit of a fire hazard. When the cord begins to look frayed or ragged it’s time for a replacement. You can make an appointment to bring your machine to a local vacuum repair shop or attempt fixing it yourself.

The Most Common Problems With An Air Conditioner That Won’t Run

When the weather is hot and refuge is needed from the warm outdoors, having a functional air conditioning unit is vital. The great invention provides a comfortable indoor environment when the weather outside is too intense. Unfortunately, though, like all modern machines, air conditioning units not only provide comfort, but the occasional problem as well.

Citrus Juicer: Benefits And Uses

If you believe in good and healthy lifestyle, then you definitely know the benefits of fruits and vegetables in your life. Fruits are the vital source of numerous vitamins and minerals and consuming these fruits are not just good for your hair and skin but good for your overall system because if you are healthy from inside it reflects outside.

Basic Refrigerator Maintenance and Safe Food Storage – What You Need to Know

When it comes to preparing and storing food, the refrigerator is one of the most important appliances in the home. This article provides some important tips for safe food storage and proper maintenance of your refrigerators.

What to Consider When Buying a Brand New Refrigerator?

Whether you are moving to a new house or renovating your existing house, you ought to understand that the most important requirement of your house is a refrigerator. Thanks to the internet, the reviews will help you in deciding which new refrigerator to purchase. With such a huge variety of refrigerators available in the market, your decisions on the one you would like to buy are contingent upon your cooking needs, lifestyle and space in the house.

What You Should Know About Dust and Dust Mites

One of the many benefits of having a well maintained AC unit at home is that it can help in preventing too much dust inside. Because there is less dust, there is also a lesser chance of having too much dust mites there. These two things can cause a great deal of inconvenience.

How to Fix Common AC Issues

Like any other device, the AC in your home is liable to become defective and have something wrong with it. It has moving parts inside it which is bound to break down at some point. When a thing like that happens, then you need to be ready.

Preparing Your Business for Extreme Weather Conditions

You need to be prepared for extreme weather since it could strike at anytime. The suddenness and unpredictability of weather these days makes it very important for all of us to be prepared at all times. Nobody can afford to be complacent and just totally rely on weather forecasts and predictions. Everyone needs to make their own preparations as that can only help them become better prepared and able to cope with whatever situation the weather brings.

Basic Tools for Refrigerator Repair

Today, refrigerators are present in every one of our homes and it’s really difficult to live without one. They are a great helping hand and prevent plenty of problems by allowing us to buy in bulk and store for later use. However, they are machines and run on electricity and just as any other electrical appliance there are great chances that they would malfunction too.

Comparing Gas and Electric Water Heaters

If you are a homeowner, you need to consider the type of water heater to use for your home. Two of the most common types of heaters that are available on the market are electric and gas operated heaters.

Air Conditioning Preventative Maintenance Steps

Simple, painless steps can be taken to prevent problems with air conditioning units. The preventative maintenance needed to keep units in good working order doesn’t take much time and it isn’t too costly. Usually, just a screwdriver is needed to remove the shell of a unit.

Should I Replace Or Repair My Air Conditioner That Is Ten Years Old?

After an air conditioner achieves ten years of use, it is wise to assess the quality of the unit. If the unit seems to be running fine – creating cold air and making a sound no louder than a low hum – normal preventative maintenance should continue. This includes changing filters frequently, checking for frozen coils, and checking for water leaks. If the sound of the air conditioner ever exceeds a low hum, or if it ceases to produce cold air, it is either time to call an air conditioning specialist or replace the air conditioning unit altogether.

How to Choose the Right AC Unit

Because of the great number of choices that are available, picking an AC unit can be a challenge. This is especially the case when the one making the choice is a new homeowner who has not experienced buying an air Conditioning unit before. To say that it can be confusing is an understatement.

5 Ways To Make Your Dryer Work Better

Here are five easy-to-follow ways to help make your dryer work more effectively. Everything you need to save you time, money and energy.

Dishwashers Aren’t Just For Dishes

Despite its name, the dishwasher can do more than just clean your dishes. In addition to sanitizing your dishes, glasses and utensils, you can use your dishwasher to clean many other household items. Dishwashers can be a real time-saver. Save yourself some scrubbing time and put your dishwasher to good use.

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