FreeRADIUS MySQL Database GUI with phpMyAdmin on CentOS 7

FreeRADIUS is a high performance RADIUS Server that accepts a large number of networking devices as RADIUS Client including MikroTik Router. MySQL is one of the best user sources for freeRADIUS server. In my previous video, I showed how to install freeRADIUS server on CentOS 7 and how to integrate MySQL module with freeRADIUS server. I also showed how to create user group and profile in MySQL database server and authenticate MikroTik PPPoE client with MySQL database user. I used MySQL Command Line Interface (CLI) to insert user information in database server. But most of the people like Graphical User Interface (GUI) rather than Command Line Interface (CLI). A lot of Graphical Software (such as MySQL Workbench, DBTools Manager, phpMyAdmin and so on) can be found to manage MySQL (MariaDB) database graphically. Among these, in this video I will show how to install and configure phpMyAdmin to manage freeRADIUS MySQL database because phpMyAdmin is a free MySQL (MariaDB) management tool over Web Interface.

For more detail:

FreeRADIUS installation on CentOS 7:

FreeRADIUS with MySQL:

Hosted VoIP PBX Business Phone System

Hosted VoIP PBX business phone systems are integrated with sophisticated call handling features. Hosted VoIP PBX system helps your business office to remain connected with your workforce.

The Business Saver – VoIP Telephone Systems

Looking for ways to trim your small business’ bottom line? We live in an era of 10% unemployment, fractured banking with all but dried up credit lines and (perhaps worst of all) continuous political bungling; with this economic climate, you’d be foolish not to try and squeeze every last dime out of your company. Only the leanest and fittest entrepreneurial enterprises can outlast times like these.

Discover the Innovations in Voice Messaging Service and Marketing

Have you considered the innovations in technology and how they can help you make your marketing endeavors more effective with a voice messaging service? There have been upgrades in the types of voice messaging systems and the software that can integrate your email, SMS messaging, print and direct mail marketing campaigns with an effective and personalized voice message marketing campaign.

Choose VoIP For Modern Communication Technology

VoIP, or voice over Internet protocol, should be your choice for modern audio transmission technology. Although audio transmissions over the Internet have been happening for quite some time now, newer technologies such as VoIP is providing many companies with the realization that there is great potential for offering this service in competition to making traditional landline-based telephone calls.

VoIP Security for a Business

VoIP security is still evolving since the threats that have currently been identified are still more or less theoretical in nature. As of now, VoIP calls and VoIP hardware forms a minuscule percentage of the telephone system which is still overwhelmingly PSTN based. Therefore, targeted attacks are still not profitable enough to take the effort over.

SIP Benefits For Business Phone Systems

SIP (Session Initiated Protocol) business phone systems can save your business or large enterprise significantly on telecommunication expenses. If you have more than 30 phone lines or run a busy call center, read on.

VOIP – The Most Reasonable Broadband Phone Service

In the past, sending voice through internet was just a dream. With the broadband phone service this dream turned into reality. This is renowned as VOIP or voice over Internet.

Hosted PBX VoIP – The Right Solution to Improve Communications

Hosted PBX VoIP phone system is the right solution for small businesses to improve communications. A hosted PBX VoIP system gives you the versatility to work from any location.

How to Beat Economic Uncertainty With VoIP

We live in uncertain economic times. Our broken banking system caused the flow of credit to small businesses to dramatically lower. Entrepreneurs that, collectively, are the primary source of new employment and commercial ingenuity in our nation are in peril.

What a Small Business Phone System Can Do For You

Our economic era is characterized by pervasively low consumer spending, high unemployment and incredibly scarce credit for even the most trustworthy borrowers. As such, this year has been merciless for small businesses across the nation. The current state of our economy shows no mercy; only businesses that have great business plans and can spend money wisely will survive.

Learn How to Make Cheap International VoIP Calls Through Internet and Save Money

There are many uses of internet. You can do search for business information and friends, do shopping, book tickets for train, bus, flight; plan your vacation and book the holidaying spots too. Apart from these, you can make very cheap calls globally using the voice-over internet protocol, called as VoIP.

Small Business Phone Systems

In today’s fast-paced world, small businesses need to be able to compete on every level. One the essential components of any successful business is great communication. Small businesses especially need to ensure that they are on the cutting edge of communication technology.

International Businesses Can Be Developed by Making Use of VoIP Calls and Their Features

The VoIP is very cheap option for making international calls and therefore you would need it to connect with your international business counterparts and friends and relatives living abroad. Read more to enable you to understand the features of VoIP facilities.

What a VoIP PBX System Can Do For You

VoIP PBX systems may be just what you need to jump start your small business! Although it may sound complicated, a VoIP PBX system is very easy to use and can significantly decrease your cost of operating your business.

Improve Your Business by Banishing Your Inner Techno-Phobe For Free

With modern technology becoming more advanced as time goes on, it can be very easy for you and your business to become overwhelmed by the wealth of new gadgets and software available. But if the idea of upgrading your computer skills seems a little daunting, here are three inexpensive and accessible tips to help you ease your business and bring it into a new era.

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