FreeRADIUS Installation and Basic Configuration on CentOS 7

FreeRADIUS is a modular and high performance open source RADIUS Server and is free for download and user. This video will show how to install and configure freeRADIUS server on CentOS 7 Linux Server.
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Are VoIP Phones Expensive?

Explains the cost factor behind voice over IP (VoIP) phones. Gives the price range as of 2010 and makes some recommendations for business users.

Hacking in the World of VoIP

After an era of hacking websites, e-mails and profiles, these criminal computer experts have added VoIP in their list. Although the hazard of VoIP hacking is less dangerous than the typical internet hacking on websites and profiles, the analogue voice data to be converted into digital type transported over the web is still susceptible to hackers’ assaults. Hackers make use of their proficiency and devices conventionally for VoIP which allows bugs, worms and viruses to penetrate the VoIP’s system. These attacks caused people to be cautious and afraid of utilizing VoIP services that some have even decided to stick to traditional phone systems rather than changing to VoIP like many people are all over the worlds.

Buying Calling Cards – Affordability That Generates Convenience

If you travel frequently and international call rates have been an irritating distraction in staying in touch with the people that value most in your life, then cheap calling cards is your answer. Working of these phone cards – The working of these phone cards is as simple as that. The moment you buy a calling card, you get a unique PIN number associated with it.

And Poof! Free Calls!

Voice Over Internet Protocol or VOIP, is the kind of technology that we see becoming more and more known today. We know about Skype, Trillian, and other Voip software because of its quick and easy download and friendly interface. For some users however, the old telephone type of conversation is still what they prefer.

VOIP – A Very Innovative Discovery

VOIP is an acronym for “Voice Over Internet Protocol.” It is a means, which makes the older long-distance calling so much simpler than before. It converts and translates analog data in the computer digitalized. It makes that sound you hear from your telephone and converts it into digital, which is data that is sent through the World Wide Web. Through your DSL provider or local Internet provider, you can currently utilize them as a way to make calls all within your country and even abroad. Additionally, it is free and very effective to utilize. You just need your computer, an Internet connection, a microphone, and a speaker to force this to work. Lots of individuals have been performing this already and it could alter how the world connects and communicates.

Skype As VOIP

Most of you by now have probably heard of the VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) beast that is Skype. Skype is quickly becoming one of the most popularly used voice calling softwares. There are many other programs today that also offer the same online calling services that Skype offers, thus you may be wondering why is Skype topping that list. I believe the reasons stem from ordinary users like you or me, and what we see that Skype offers. With that in mind, I would like to discuss the top reasons why I personally really enjoy using Skype.

VoIP – A Cheaper, Easier Way to Call Anyone Anywhere

Voice over Internet Protocol, although it sounds complicated, is pretty simple. It’s just like a normal phone call, but in this case, instead of using the telephone line, you will be using the Internet as your phone line. Some examples would be Magic Jack, Comcast and Skype. Consequently, there are different kinds of VoIP services. Magic Jack allows users to call both users and non-users of the product. This means, you can call a landline telephone with the use of the Magic Jack device, and you can also call a VoIP “telephone” through the device.

VoIP – Who’s the Best Provider?

It is a known fact that Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP, is the cheaper alternative to traditional phone lines. It costs less, and it is more versatile in such a way that it can communicate with both other VoIP users and even the traditional phone lines themselves. However, with so many Voice over Internet Protocol providers readily available, how can the average person determine which VoIP provider best suits his or her needs? How can the consumer choose between so many VoIP providers that offer more or less the same price range with the same services, maintenance cost, customer service, quality of phone calls and features?

VoIP – Replacing Long Distance Calls

The age of costly long distance phone calls are now history. With the creation of new modes of communication, you now have the cheaper choice of using these advanced technologies to complete a phone call abroad. Most businesses have made use of the Voice over Internet Protocol as a means of conducting phone calls to their sub offices in various parts of the country or around the globe.

VoIP As Another Way of Communication

Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP has more advantage than you can ever imagine. Not only does it decrease your phone call rates, it is very cheap and very accessible because it makes full use of the internet. And since almost everyone has internet access, everyone can use VoIP. With the use of VoIP, anyone can call everyone anywhere at any time. As a matter of fact, anyone who has internet access already have VoIP in them. If you are familiar with instant messaging applications like Yahoo! Messenger and Skype, they also have VoIP within the application. This is why you can talk to the person you are chatting with in real time.

Mobile Broadband Providers Urged to Support VoIP

Telecommunications is a multi-billion pound industry. Almost everyone now has a mobile phone in his or her pocket. Our love affair with technology in the 21st Century has seen the public embrace every new piece of ‘smart’ tech, giving us all instant communications, no matter where in the world we are. But experts are concerned that mobile providers may be holding back on incorporating the very latest tech into their provisions – mobile VoIP.

Reduce VoIP Network Downtime With Improved Core Network Services

When the IT staff plan for upgrades, especially a VoIP deployment, a lot of attention is focused on servers, applications, switches, routers, and network security. Almost no attention is paid to the core network services that allow users to access all these wonderful systems, and are in fact essential for VoIP to even work at all!

VOIP – A Very Useful Innovation

VOIP is an acronym for “Voice Over Internet Protocol” which refers to as the practice of sending telephone conversations across an IP network such as The Internet. There is an opportunity to bring about significant change in the way that people communicate. Before, there are no communications for the people around the world until the technology of the telephone. And now there is this new amazing technology, VOIP, that is being used by everyone to communicate with others around the world easily. Furthermore, this becomes popular largely because of the cost advantages for the consumers over the traditional telephone networks.

How to Configure Quality of Service (QoS) On Your VoIP Applications

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is rapidly replacing landlines for delivering phone calls to homes and businesses. Common residential home VoIP providers include Vonage, Skype and now Google Voice.

Switch Your Landline to Make Cheaper Landline Calls, But Have You Considered a VoIP Landline?

In an age where its easy to go online and compare telephony providers with just a click of a mouse button, more savvy consumers are switching from their traditional suppliers to cheaper alternatives. For customers looking for a second phone line but without all the added charges, options have been, until recently, limited.

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