FreePBX 101 v14 Part 7 – Softphones

Welcome to crosstalk solutions: my name is Chris, and this is free. Pbx, 101 version 14 part 7, where we’re going to talk about soft phones and how to connect a soft phone to the free PBX server. Now, what is a soft phone? Essentially, it’s the same thing as a desk phone, except it’s on your computer right. It’S a software phone, so the software phone that I’m going to be using for this demonstration is the counter path, x-lite softphone and the reason I’m using.

That is because it’s free, the x-lite softphone will do most of the stuff that any user would need it to do. However, if you want to do some more advanced stuff like conference, calling, you know, call recording stuff like that, then you’re probably going to want to upgrade to be counter path, Beria, which i think is about a $ 40 phone purchase or a $ 40.00 soft phone Purchase so if you go to counter path comm, you will find the x-lite softphone under products and then under x-lite, where it says downloads we’re gon na click on download and when the page loads you want to scroll on down, and you see this section that says: Wait before you download blah blah blah, you don’t have to fill out any of this information. You can simply keep scrolling and hit the button to download x-lite for either Windows or Mac. So once you have the phone downloaded and installed it’s going to look like this, and there are three things that you need to be able to connect this phone to the free, PBX server.

You need the IP address or fqdn of free PBX. That’S the internal IP address or fqdn. If you’re connecting internally and the external address, if you’re connecting externally, then you need your sip user name and your sip password first thing we want to do is go to soft phone account settings and for user ID. Let’S pick one of our users back in free PBX, I’m going to go to applications, extensions and we’ll choose the next extension, which is Steve Roger, so we’re gon na edit. That extension now Steve Rogers is extension 2003.

So that’s our sip user name. Our sip password is right here where it says secret, so I’m going to copy that to my clipboard and then, of course I know the IP address of my server. So I have all three bits of information that I need to connect this phone so for the user ID we’re gon na say in 2003 for the domain we’re gon na give the IP address of our free BBX 10.17 dot. 40 4.

0. I’M gon na paste the password for display, name I’ll, say Steve Rogers and then for the authorization name, I’m gon na say 2003. That’S all you need to do in most cases. However, you also might want to pop over here to the voicemail tab and then click the button that says check for voicemail and set the number to dial for checking voicemail two-star 97. That’S the free PBX code for checking voicemail for this extension or whatever extension you happen to be on desk phone or soft phone, so we’re gon na say: ok, enabling a count and there we go a count, enabled now.

Let’S take a look in free PBX and make sure that extension 2003 registered properly so we’re gon na, say, reports asterisk info and then we’re going to click on peers and down here we can see 2003 is status, okay, which means that it is registered successfully. Let’S go ahead and make a test call. Let me unmute my speaker’s here we’ll try star for 3 echo test. There we go so the phone has successfully registered. We’Ve successfully run our echo test.

Let’S try calling a different extension. This is extension 2000. So I’m going to say 2 0, 0 0 and send there we go calling Tony Stark and on this screen I can see that Steve Rogers is calling hello check, detective check, okay, so that’s gon na, be it for the softphone setup. I hope you guys enjoyed this video States subscribe for the next video in the series, which is going to be how to connect analog devices via an ata. We’Ll see you in the next video [, Music, ]

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