Finding fun in learning English

Learning English can be tricky! Fortunately, Little Red Edu can make the process fun and engaging with the help of AR and speech recognition! Watch their journey at the Huawei International Scale-Up Programme in Ireland delivered by Dogpatch Labs.

Watch the Huawei International Start-Up Scale-Up Programme livestream:

[Music] I'm Anna Carmody and I'm the founder and CEO of little red at you [Music] Little right edu is a learning platform For three to six year olds to learn and Speak English We combine a six-month curriculum using The European common language framework And we are building interactive animated Games and we use augmented reality Combined with speech recognition Speech recognition tracks every fanatic Sound that the child makes and puts it In a progress tracking system for the Parent or the teacher and we also use Augmented reality to make an exciting Fun learning experience for children so They say the word Pig pops up in Augmented reality says we're dirty and The horse jumps over into the mud and Gets dirty so it's this full six month Curriculum and there's a 20-minute Session per day I studied product design In college and after college I went to Vietnam to teach English and while I was Out there I could see a real need for a Language product something that was a Bit more fun and engaging for children So we have carried out some trials here In Ireland and we also have plans to do A larger scale trial in the UK in January and so far the feedback has been Really positive for this are we going to

Put flowers in the background here for Like the main yeah We started the Scala program in Partnership with Dog Patch Labs on Huawei Accelerator is like the one with Huawei Are really helpful to startups like us We're growing for networking and for Really getting key insights to help us To scale Huawei has been violent since 2004 and We always regard Island as The Innovation hopping Europe Huawei is able To bring our stops not only the agile And the state-of-the-art Technologies But also the global business reach So in five years time we'd like to see Our little red edu app and smartphones All across the world and Asia would be Our primary target So the pitch day is really the Culmination of the program it's really The startups opportunity to shine to Show the world what they've been up to And the result of the pitch day will be Collaborations and hopefully some Funding for the startups as well We are currently looking for investments In a seed round so we're hoping to show Huawei that we have a really great Product something that's really going to Do well in Asia and we really believe That Huawei can get us there I'm really Excited to introduce you to the startups

Starting with Anna from little red edu Parents want the best for their child And see English as a key to a successful Future we see a potential opportunity to Grow with the support of Huawei building A way for children all around the world To reach their full potential through Play thank you [Applause] I think the pitch went really well I was A bit nervous in the beginning both Seemed to calm down as soon as I was Standing up there I found the program Amazing especially the pitch practice Working with the other entrepreneurs has Really helped I think it would be really interesting For a little red edu to work with while We going forward especially because our Largest market is in Asia and working With them with their clouds will really Help us move in forward I'm very impressed about the quality of The startups and also how well prepared They are in terms of Highways Contribution we can help them of course From the funding point of view but in The future I think we can be the digital Bridge of the Irish ecosystem and the The whole world Foreign [Music]

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