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***The Fanvil V67 in this video is a prototype model. The actual product color will be slightly different.***

Introducing the brand new Fanvil V67 Smart Android IP phone! This phone is fully loaded with an adjustable touchscreen, camera, built-in WiFi, built-in Bluetooth, and more! Watch as we see what’s in the box, and give a live demo of the Fanvil V67’s features and functionality!

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Mary Cheney:
Hey everybody. It’s Mary Cheney, marketing manager here at VoIP Supply and I’m super excited. Today we’re going to be unboxing Fanvil’s brand new V67 Smart Android Phone. And it’s a video phone. It’s super sleek looking. We got a preview of it before Channel Partners. So we finally have the phone in-house here. Let’s unbox it and see what it looks like.
Mary Cheney:
All right. So as mentioned, the bootup sequence on this phone is pretty cool so we’re going to let you watch that one more time. I’m just going to quickly unplug this, plug it back in. You’re going to see all the cool colors. There are LED lights under here and on the buttons. So check that out.
Mary Cheney:
This will actually redial your last phone number. You have your mute. This will transfer over to your Bluetooth headset or your wired headset, depending on what you want. This phone has built-in Bluetooth, built-in wifi.
Mary Cheney:
Everybody wants to know this is Android 9. We actually did not download any more apps on here, but we can kind of go in and see what’s already on here. As mentioned, we are connected to the internet so you can do some browsing right from the phone.
Mary Cheney:
Some other cool features that we wanted to show, you’ve got your calendar, do not disturb here. You can get your email so that you can get that. Video player. You have a sound recorder here so that if you want to make notes and you want to keep a verbal note, you can do that, which is awesome. Let’s go back to the home screen here.
Mary Cheney:
So let me give the phone a call from my cell phone so you can hear the audio. You can do conferencing, you can transfer, you can put it on hold. And if you want to add images you can do that from here. I’m just going to hang that up. Those are some of the really cool features.
Mary Cheney:
There are a couple other options that are available that don’t come in the box, but they’re available to purchase separately, which are the power adapter and the wall stand.
Mary Cheney:
This has 20 SIP lines and SIP hotspots. It’s got HD audio and HD video, 1080P. You can do three-way video conferencing. It has an adjustable touch screen, which ranges from zero to 40 degrees. It has built-in Bluetooth 5.0. It has colorful light effects, which we’ve shown a couple of times. Up to 10 party audio conferencing. You can do video and audio recording through that really nifty feature. You can multicast. You can action plan. And it has built-in WiFi.
Mary Cheney:
This phone comes with a seven-inch color touch screen. Four navigation keys, one okay key, one return key, 12 standard phone digit keys, volume control up and down, and one hands-free key. You have your standard RJ9 port, there are two of those. There’s a handset port and a headset port. You have the RJ45 ports, you have two of those. You have one network port and one PC bridge to network. You have your USB port. It’s a standard USB-A.
Mary Cheney:
And most importantly, let’s talk about the compatibility of the platform. So right now this is certified on Asterisks, BroadSoft, 3CX, Metaswitch, Elastix, Evia, Epygi, Jabra, Yeastar, Poly Headsets, Open Box, PortaOne, Sennheiser, and Redstone. Fanvil has plans to increase the compatibility with many other platforms as the phone launches.
Mary Cheney:
So we hope you enjoy this unboxing and this new product by Fanvil. Again, keep an eye on our YouTube channel. Follow us on social media to know when the other phones are available. We really appreciate you taking the time to watch our video today. Like and subscribe to our channel. Thanks again for watching.

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