Fanvil V-Series & i-Series | Webinar May 2022

Join us and get technical with Fanvil! Learn everything you need to know about the new V-Series of IP Phones and enjoy a technical deep-dive into the i-Series of door phones!

We have everything you need for VoIP!

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How to Start Your Own VOIP Company

You want to open a VoIP company, but don’t know where to start? Here are a few basic things you need to know.

Voice Over IP – Solutions for Small Organizations on the Global Market

If your company is looking for the best telecommunication solutions, then you should consider the opportunities offered by VoIP. Do you want to be present on the global market, why not use Internet Telephony to manage your international calls from the office?

Is Skype Adopting WebRTC?

For the longest time, Microsoft held off from adopting WebRTC. But now it looks like the software giant has finally come around.

The Relation Between WebRTC and SIP

WebRTC and SIP seem to serve the same purpose. But are they really competitors?

Will Google Fiber Roll Outs Impact VoIP?

Google Fiber changes the rules of the game. And that includes VoIP.

The New VoIP App and the Problem of Data Silos

Yet another new VoIP app on the market. Yet another headache as well?

The Problem With Calculating On-Premise VoIP Costs

Some people say that the amortized costs of on-premise VoIP systems are comparable to hosted VoIP. But is this really true?

Wireless VoIP Network Configuration Considerations

Wi-Fi and VoIP work really well together. Here are a few configuration points to keep in mind.

Why India’s Net Neutrality Debate Matters for VoIP

India has just joined the fight for Net Neutrality. Thanks to the manipulations of Airtel.

The Rise in VOIP for SMEs

Over the last few years, technology has developed substantially, benefitting many SMEs with greater connectivity that enables them to carry out their daily business on the move. Nowhere has the technology boom been more useful for SMEs than with advance in Voice Over IP that provides a cost effective and flexible way to cater for your telephony needs. What is VOIP?

4G Coverage in the US and Its Impact on VoIP

4G will revolutionize the way we use our phones for calling. It’s just a question of coverage now.

VOIP Can Combine Different Data Types Making Routing And Signaling More Flexible

Voice Over Internet Protocol commonly referred to as VOIP has without a doubt changed the way any business works. It has promoted efficient communication which remains to be of great importance for any given business part. This phone service is cost effective and offers quality voice calls thus improving communication. It comes with advantages that would otherwise be hard to enjoy with an ordinary phone system. It is an easy system to install with the only important requirement being a high speed internet connection. No physical cable systems are required to have the system running.

Minimizing Data Charges When Using VoIP

VoIP is susceptible to data charges overload. How do you minimize the risk?

Why You Should Switch to VoIP Systems Today

Voice Over IP (VoIP) phone systems are becoming more and more common. Their reduced prices and increasing reliability make them a perfect choice for businesses.

How to Obtain Phone Numbers for Your VoIP Connection

VoIP phone numbers are the last barrier to a complete telephony solution. How can you overcome it?

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