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Wireless Access Point Installation Tips

wireless access point installation tips|wireless access point installation tips

Wireless Access Point Installation Tips

If you’re considering purchasing a wireless access point, you might be wondering how to install it correctly. Here are some tips to keep in mind. Before you start installing, check the manufacturer’s instructions for the proper mounting position. Some access points are meant to be mounted on the ceiling, while others can work on a desk or wall. Some types are sectored, meaning their broadcast area is limited to a thirty to forty-five-degree radius. In addition, the access point should be mounted in an open area, free from obstructions such as glass, metal, or drop ceiling. Finally, the wireless access point should be placed in a place where it is not affected by other types of technology, such as computers and TVs.

If you’re a novice wireless AP installer, you may run into trouble while installing the device. To avoid such a situation, be sure to carefully read the vendor’s installation instructions and call their customer support for assistance. In most cases, wireless AP vendors don’t provide a nine-pin RS-232 cable. If you’re unsure about the exact location of the device, make sure you install the RS-232 cable before mounting it.

To keep the AP and cables out of reach of children and pets, try to place the wireless access point in a location where they can’t be easily accessed. Use false ceiling tiles to hide it, and make sure to lock your network components. Consider purchasing a lockable network rack to keep your components secure. This way, they can’t be stolen. You’ll also have peace of mind knowing that your wireless access point is secure.

Before you start installing your AP, make sure you do a Wi-Fi site survey. Take a walk through the building and measure the area that you want covered. If you think it doesn’t cover the entire area, use a WiFi-enabled device. Once you’re done, the wireless access point is ready to feed the internet connection from the router. If everything goes smoothly, your new wireless AP is ready to serve its purpose.

While wireless access points are inexpensive, they do come with plenty of security features. Some will allow you to restrict access to the network based on MAC addresses, while others may send email alerts if someone tries to connect the wrong way. In addition to these features, you should connect all your access points to backup batteries. If the power goes out, wireless users will be disconnected from the network. So, be sure to follow these tips to ensure the best wireless network installation.

In addition to WiFi signal strength, consider the internet speed. Make sure that you don’t exceed your internet connection’s speed – this will limit the performance of your wireless network. If your internet connection is slow, you may experience buffering when watching videos online. If you’re worried that the WiFi signal isn’t strong enough, move the wireless access point to another part of the room to ensure that it’s covered by the entire space.

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