CSX Challenge Solution: Short-Circuiting a Loop (Functions and Execution Context Unit)

Watch CSX Mentor, Ryan, explain his solution for CSX Functions and Execution Context Unit Challenge: Short-Circuiting a Loop on Codesmith’s free online learning platform CSX – https://csx.codesmith.io/.

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Know These Powerful Laravel Features Before You Head for PHP Web Development

This article details out the front-running features of Laravel, that makes it a ruling framework for PHP web applications development. There are millions of websites and web applications created every day but very few become that popular and get enough visitors.

Features Of Being Mobile Friendly

At the present time, with the mobile traffic making up a large percentage of Internet usage across the globe, this is becoming highly important to understand the ways how the mobile users interact with the site from smaller devices while crafting mobile experiences accordingly. The mobile friendly sites are those, which are easy to navigate as well as easy to accessible on the smaller screens of tablets or smartphones. These sites are developed, designed and optimized in such a manner so that every user gets the best experience possible.

Different Encryption Algorithm

There are basically 2 different types of encryption – Asymmetric and Symmetic Encryption. This both encryption is supported by Java. Different encryption algorithms that supports java are:

Angular 5 (Upgrade Your Project From an Older Version to Angular 5)

Hey coders, if you are still working on angular 2, 4 then it is the time to upgrade your application to angular 5. Angular 5 (also called Pentagonal-donut) has a lot of new features like better performance, small bundling and a lot.

Why Should You Choose Laravel For Your Next Web Project?

While writing a web application in PHP, you have option to choose from a wide range of PHP frameworks. The usage statistics posted on several websites suggest that Laravel is currently more popular than other PHP frameworks. But smarter web developers never choose a PHP framework based on its popularity or market share. You must evaluate the pros and cons of Laravel to choose the PHP framework that meets all project needs perfectly. As an open source PHP framework, Laravel helps you to curtail web application development cost.

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