CSX Challenge Solution: forEach (Asynchronous JavaScript Unit)

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Creating a Website With PHP

PHP is a dynamic and interactive server-side, object-oriented, open source scripting language PHP stands for Hypertext Preprocessor (it’s a recursive acronym). PHP is a language used to develop interactive and dynamic content on the web and it is often used together with the Apache web server. It can also be used with Microsoft’s IIS web server.

Future Of Drupal

The latest market share data posted on various websites indicate that Drupal is currently one of the top 10 content management systems of 2017. At present, WordPress and Joomla have a larger market share than Drupal. But Drupal still has a larger market share than other content management systems including Magento, Blogger, Bitrix, TYPO3, Squarespace and Shopify. Also, Drupal is currently being used by several large and high-traffic websites including the FedEx’s news site, AT&T’s app beta website, Sun Microsystems Java.net, Reuter’s Lab Website, CNN’s CNNgo website, Grammy, and ConsumerSearch.

Important Performance Optimization Tips For Laravel Developers

The usage statistics posted on various website suggest that many web developers prefer Laravel to other PHP frameworks. The expressive syntax of Laravel makes it easier for developers to write custom web applications rapidly. Also, the framework accelerates custom web application development by simplifying common web development tasks like session management, routing, authentication, file system management and unit testing. The Laravel developers can further curtail web development by availing object oriented libraries, command-line interface, template engine, ORM system, and queuing services.

The Simulation Hypothesis: Some Evidence

Since the evolution, even revolution in information technology and the computer, some have suggested that our reality is akin to the reality of the characters in our computer-generated simulations and video games. While there is no proof this is true, one can muster up evidence for the proposal that we are virtual reality beings existing in a simulated landscape. Here’s some of that evidence.

Best Business Templates Offered by Joomla in 2017

This article is going to discuss the most compelling and the best business templates offered by the Joomla platform in the year 2017. In today’s tech-savvy era, having a strong and compelling digital presence is very crucial for most of the businesses.

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