CSX Challenge Solution: dateStamp (Closure, Scope & Execution Context Unit)

Watch CSX Mentor, Heidi, explain her solution for CSX Closure, Scope & Execution Context Unit: dateStamp on Codesmith’s free online learning platform CSX – https://csx.codesmith.io/.

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Is PHP Cool Anymore?

PHP may have lost its ‘Trendy’ look amongst the development and start up scene. After falling lower in the Tiobe Ranks and losing ratings, some developers may think the PHP language has lost its spark. However, its power and use still holds considerable weight within the tech world. Everybody knows PHPs biggest success story, Facebook, who managed to get off the ground by building a product that enabled it to raise budgets for subsequent large-scale optimisation of its huge PHP Codebase. I want to delve into the tech world and establish is PHP really cool anymore? With over 53,839,572 sites still using the language has it really fallen to the murky depths of the sea along with ColdFusion?

Exhilarating Features of CakePHP 3.5 That Are Making PHP Development More Agile

This article will try elaborating the new inherent features of CakePHP version 3.5 that is expected to make the job of PHP developers lot easier. At present, CakePHP is one of the most widely accepted PHP frameworks deployed by developers for large and multi-faceted web applications.

Tips to Choose the Best Sitefinity Development Partner for Your Business

CMS has become an integral part of any business website and choosing the best one for your site is crucial. With a wide range of CMSs available in the marketplace, choosing the best platform and hiring an efficient developer to build your site may be at times a difficult task.

3 Smart Ways to Revamp Registration Process of Your ECommerce Site

This article is going to give you ideas about smart ways to revamp the registration process for your eCommerce website. Before getting into the details of making registration process easier, you need to clearly understand why such eCommerce registration is important.

Taking a Massive Leap of Faith With Technology

The technology landscape in traditional endowments, foundations and family offices is changing! From running servers under desks to running servers in the cloud. From running multiple vendor-sourced client server application that performed a single function each, to demanding custom-built, end-end systems that leverage current investments while making the end-user experience seamless and rich. And this change has happened over a relatively short duration of time – in the past 2-3 years!

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