Configure Your Fanvil Security Solutions | Webinar 2021

Join us as we co-host this webinar with our friends at Fanvil to bring you live demos of the most common WebGUI configurations of Fanvil i30 products and more!

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VoIP And the Poor State of Net Neutrality Worldwide

Hardly anywhere in the world is the concept of net neutrality sacrosanct. Services like VoIP require a strong commitment to net neutrality in order to succeed.

VoIP Migration Checklist

Thinking of migrating your traditional telephony system to a shiny new VoIP system? Not sure how to go about it? Then this list will be perfect for you as it details everything you need to check before you make the switch.

Why Your Office Needs Polycom IP 331

Conference calls and internal communication systems greatly affect a company’s operations. To ensure you can run your business communication as smoothly as possible, consider using Polycom IP 331 system.

When To Consider VoIP For Your Business?

Businesses nowadays are relentlessly searching for different methods which can help them in maximizing profit through optimizing their own transaction processes. The Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP system is an advanced technology that uses the Internet system to transmit voices and video images from different locations in real time.

Streamlining Office Communications Through Hosted IP PBX Solutions

VoIP and hosted IP PBX solutions make it easier to communicate with your business colleagues and employees. Businesses using VoIP for communication often find it easier to relay instructions and conduct more productive voice meetings with their overseas clients.

Why Small Businesses Adopt Hosted VoIP Services

It is not always obvious why small business stands to benefit from hosted VoIP services. On one hand they have an option of buying their own very small IP-based phone system. With a single location this may seem like the right thing to do except that there is a lot more to hosted VoIP than what can be seen on the surface…

Bandwidth Management for SIP VoIP

VoIP being an Internet-based application requires a certain amount of bandwidth management. Especially when it comes to mobile devices.

Know Facts About VoIP Gateways

VoIP gateway transfers the analog signals into a data packet over a broadband connection. Thus, making calls through this process cost considerably less when compared with calls made through the standard telephone cables.

What Makes Web Conferencing Service An Unforgettable Option For Communication?

Web conferencing is a highly interactive method that makes use of potent and economical features of the web world to give people the best possible experience in communication. It has great value for nonprofit organizations, small and medium business owners who want to execute training sessions, business meetings, seminars, and urgent decisions without investing much time and price. Web based video conferencing solution is a cost-saving option for people who don’t often get a chance to participate in live presentations, annual business meetings or tutorials over internet.

If You Want Cheap Phone Rates for Your Home Based Business, Try This Quality VOIP System

The Internet has brought dozens (if not hundreds) of new communication ideas to make it easier and cheaper to communicate via the telephone. VOIP is one such invention that offers a great deal of merit to users. However, it is important that business operators really do understand just what is being offered so that they can get the best possible ‘deals’. One of the systems they should seriously look at is Skype.

Technological Blessings Re-Define International Conference Calls

Modern science and technology has been a blessing in disguise. Things that required plenty of efforts for completion are now just a piece of cake. One such technical advancement that has taken place in the realms of communication is international conference call.

Cheap International Calling Plans

What would you do if you had Cheap International Calling Plans? What would you do if you had Cheap International Calling Plans especially from home? Would you call your loved ones if they lived locally or overseas more often?

What Is a Hosted Dialler and Why Should I Want One?

The article looks at the top reasons for adopting a hosted dialling solution. Specifically it examines the cost implications and makes the case for adopting such a system over alternative VoIP solutions.

How Useful Is VOIP – Voice Over Internet Protocol

VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol is the latest discovery in the field of communications. It is a technology wherein people from other places can receive and send calls to other people in different places with the use of internet. In short, this works just like a social networking site or chat room but the only difference is people really get to hear the voice of the other person at the other end of the line.

5 Benefits Of VoIP Phones

Nowadays, the Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP phones is certainly making its niche in the market because of the patronage it gets from telecommunication subscribers. The significance of this new technology is evident in the different benefits that users can obtain from it.

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