Complete MongoDB Tutorial #1 – What is MongoDB?

Hey gang, in this series you’ll learn how to use MongoDB (a NoSQL database) from scratch. You’ll also learn how to integrate it into a simple Node.js API.

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Thoughtful Energy Habits to Help Cool Down While Saving Money

Let’s face it, as much as you want to blast your AC all day long to take away the discomforts of heat, you sometimes think twice because you know that this comes with a price – the kind that involves an expensive electricity bill. In fact, the air conditioner, along with other cooling devices, accounts for more than half of your electricity usage. So imagine what a great deal you can save if you can cut down or even take out the use of these appliances all together.

New Items at Appliance Stores

If you’re in the market for a new stove or washing machine, appliance stores have an array of modern options. Check out the new colors, energy saving qualities, and functions that new devices offer.

Battling Soap Scum

The most effective way is to eliminate the source of soap scum – the hard water flowing through your home’s pipes. Water softeners not only help you feel cleaner and give you softer hair and skin, they also eliminate the mineral deposits in water that lead to soap scum formation.

Latest Trends in Kitchen Appliances

Whether you favour a simple, streamlined approach to your kitchen, or prefer a colourful, mix-and-match aesthetic, there’s more choice than ever before when it comes to kitchen appliances. In 2013, variety is paramount, with plenty of new electrical appliance models addressing everyday cooking needs, as well as other design, health and ecological concerns.

Appliance Repair Nightmare! Don’t Let It Happen to You!

Make sure your washer can’t harm your family. Find out the number one shortcut most amateurs take when repairing washers and why it is so dangerous.

Smart Meters and Artificial Intelligence, Monitoring and Looking After Your Consumption

At the outset of the introduction of ‘Smart meters’, they were seen as a positive appliance to help us reduce our energy wastage… yet then the privacy issues kicked in and now people are unsure whether smart meters will serve us appropriately or not. What merits can smart meters provide for us?

5 Essential Maintenance Tips for Your Washing Machine

An easy to follow guide to washing machine maintenance and upkeep. Learn how to prevent common problems and extend the life of your washer.

You Can Find a Great Dryer By the End of the Day

When you are looking to get a new dryer, you need to shop carefully. Know what you need and want before heading out to get one.

Replacing Your Appliances Can Be Easy

Replacing appliances does not need to be something that is hard to do. Look at what you have and see if you can find something that fits your needs and lifestyle.

How To Cash In On Appliance Rebates

Appliance rebates are a great way to save money and upgrade an older household unit to a more efficient one. These money-back offers are in abundance everywhere and can be easily located.

3 Distinct Features That Makes Husqvarna 7021P Different From Other Push Lawn Mowers

Push lawn mowers come in different kinds and with different features. One of these that many trust however is the Husqvarna 7021P. This is a 3-in-1 device that can cut and trim your lawn well is one that many find easy to use and clean. It does its job satisfactorily as well. The question now is this: what makes this better than all the others of its kind?

Home Equipment Restoration Tips

If you are considering taking on home appliance restoration jobs on your own, then you need to learn certain things. There are various potential benefits to accomplishing all the maintenance on your own.

Three Factors to Help You Choose the Right Carpet Shampooing Machine

Whether you are a home user or a contractor for commercial carpet washing, it is important that you choose the best carpet shampooing machine. The right carpet shampooing machine is the one that matches your requirements the closest. Therefore, while some people may prefer a heated carpet washer, other buyers may choose a non-heated one.

Air Condition Repair

Air conditioners are essential with today’s soaring temperatures and muggy humidity. Although one of these is great to have, it can break down just like any other appliance can. Fortunately if you get your a/c fixed right away you can avoid costly issues in the future and having to purchase a brand new unit.

Tips on Finding the Best Water Purifiers

There are definitely a lot of good reasons to consider buying your own water purifying system, and anyone who has lived in a place where the tap water is not commonly considered to be highly pure will tell you that you need to get a very good water purifying system in place. There are a lot of ways to buy a good water purifier and it is not like you are going to have to worry about spending many long hours looking for the very best deal around, although this could certainly make it a bit more easy for you…

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