Codesmith’s New Scholarship: The Veterans Coding Scholarship Powered by Oddball

Launch Your Future in Tech with Codesmith’s Special New Scholarship for Veterans

Codesmith has teamed up with Oddball, an agency that transforms government digital services, to provide five full scholarships to Codesmith’s top-rated full-time or part-time Software Engineering Immersive programs.

With this new scholarship opportunity powered by Oddball, our goal is to empower and support more veterans to break into tech and build successful careers in software engineering.

Visit to learn more.

The Best and Easiest Way to Design Your Mobile Application

Mobile app development has become less tough with the use of frameworks. Know which framework works best for you. The content discusses some of the best frameworks available for your app development.

Here’s How CRM Can Help You Expand Your Business!

It really doesn’t matter if you are a small or large business. If you want to outrank your competitors and dominate your competition – you need a CRM to manage your manpower (customers and/or employees). With the help of a well-managed CRM, you can reach the right customers, at the right time – thereby enhancing the overall customer experience and retaining your most valued customers.

What Is The Best Platform to Develop Web Applications?

This article goes into details about the importance of choosing the framework before beginning the process of building your web application itself. Read on to learn about the nature of frameworks and how they serve as platforms of support for building web applications, further shedding light on the framework to pick for the particular language you are comfortable with. The article goes on to list out the web application frameworks that are currently popular among developers

Digital Approach – Way Ahead

We have been talking about digital journey. Old uncertain approaches won’t deliver; you need absolute clarity about digital’s demands, customer’s digital vision, strong leadership and unparalleled agility. If there is one theme I hear consistently it’s that consumers expect the brands they engage with to provide a flawless digital experience in their interactions. That’s applicable to all type of industry, be it retail, information technology or some other and all has their own way of defining digital experience.

Why Hybrid Is An Ideal Platform For Launching Your First App

Like the websites on the internet, hybrid mobile apps are built with a combination of web technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Opting for a hybrid platform could prove to be a game-changing decision for launching your first app. In this fast-paced world, hybrid moves you faster from idea to app than native.

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