Codesmith Speaker Event: Google SRE – Designing Large Scale Distributed Systems [w/ Brett Beekley]

Failure is possible in any system. As systems grow larger, the possibility of failure approaches 100%. Therefore systems need to be designed to handle failure gracefully every minute of every day. This talk covers some very high-level principles for designing reliable distributed systems, including:
– Requirements gathering
– Load balancing
– Replication and scaling
– Managing distributed state

About the Speaker
Brett Beekley – Software Engineer, Access Site Reliability Engineering at Google

Brett operates the gateways between untrusted networks and Google services, which allow Googlers to securely do their jobs from anywhere. In this role, he focuses on the corporate login service and the BeyondCorp Access Proxy. Prior to Google, Brett was a backend software engineer building a clinical research platform at Science 37, and a solutions engineer in enterprise software at Laserfiche.

Brett earned a bachelor’s and master’s degree in materials science and engineering from the University of California at Los Angeles. He also completed Codesmith’s engineering residence.

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